Monstrous Hunger

I’ve added some more big beasts to my army of the Ghoul Kings in the form of three Crypt Horrors. As with the Ghouls, I wasn’t keen on the sculpts originally, but by choosing the parts I liked and painting them in my chosen pale colours I am now very happy with the result. Or whatever the equivalent of happiness is for a cold hearted necromancer like myself.

Three large ghoulish creatures among ruined buildings
The Crypt Horrors turn the town into a charnel house
Side view of three Crypt Horrors
Mad hunger fuels these beasts
Crypt Horror next to a Ghoul half its size
Crypt Horrors tower over other Ghouls

I still have the Terrorgheist to add to the force as well, but for now I’ll probably move on to other vampiric houses and practitioners of the necromantic arts. I do like the idea of adding a unit of human followers in the form of the Strigany to the Ghoul Kings though, eventually.

Three Crypt Horrors emerging from a ravaged town
Searching for their next meal

Strength of Steel

My Oldhammer Dwarfs have called their warriors to war, and a solid regiment of 20 has been raised under the ancestral Banner of the Anvil. For the troopers I used plastic figures from the Fantasy Regiments box set. I equipped them with a mixture of axes and hammers but decided on plain helmets rather than horned ones to better fit in with the other regiments in the army. The champion in the metal command group is a random Norse dwarf from my collection, which I will eventually replace with an Imperial version. At that point I will obviously have to start a Norse mercenary force to put him to use.

Eye level view of a formed up regiment of dwarf warriors
Dwarf warriors line up to defend their land

Since these warriors are not part of a standing army but a militia, raised as needed from the local craftsmen, farmers etc., I gave them a mix of clothing and shields with various colourful, simple patterns. This still leaves me the option of later adding runes or symbols as the regiment distinguishes itself through heroic deeds. I think the variety in colours and shapes also helps break up the mono-pose look.

Look from above on dwarf warriors carrying colourful round shields
Each dwarf carries their personal colours

The banner is a freehand job, inspired by a version in Warhammer Armies. It’s simply painted on paper, with PVA glue between both sides that helps keep its shape.

Side view of the dwarf banner bearer
An anvil symbolises the tough nature of these fighters
Regiment of dwarf warriors between other units outside of a small settlement
The warriors take their place in the dwarf battle line

Herding the Runtz

My mate undeadhighelf kindly sent me three Grotz, providing me with the perfect opportunity to expand my Blood Axe warband with a Runtherd and his minions. Usually part of the Squig Katapult crew, they make great looking assistants working in the Squig Acquisition department of the horde.

Three Gretchin with squig hunting utensils
Stab, net and stash – the three steps of squig hunting

Once a warband reaches a certain size, it’s really time to hire a GR Manager to keep all those pesky employees in check that are not like Orks motivated enough by the prospect of the next good scrap. The Runtherd is a firm believer in the carrot and stick approach to leadership. Unfortunately for the Gretchin, the squigs ate all the carrots.

Ork Runtherd with bullwhip and bolt pistol
Grot Resource Management is a thankless task
Back view of a Blood Axe Runtherd and Grot assistants
Headin’ out to hunt sum squigs

The Brains and the Brawn

There’s a lot of rank and file painting going on for my Orcs & Goblins and Dwarfs for Warhammer 3rd Edition lately. In-between I also managed to complete the command for my greenskins finally, consisting of an Orc Shaman and an Orc Warlord.

Classic sculpts of an Orc Wizard and General
Zogdrek and Durgork muster the army

The wizard is the very same I bought in the early 90s (?) as part of the Poly the Wyvern box set. It had base colours on for a couple of decades but only now can be considered finished.

Back view of the Orc Shaman holding his staff aloft
The shamanic staff crackles with malevolent energy

The hero is a new addition but also a vintage model, courtesy of Kev Adams of course. He’s a real brute, with possibly some Black Orc blood in his family tree.

Back view of the Orc Hero wielding sword and axe
The general holds a rousing speech that is unfortunately too vulgar to be related here

Spreading Discord

In lieu of any significant hobby progress and to battle the Salute-That-Never-Was 2020 blues this weekend I set up a Discord server for The Lost and the Damned. I hope some of you lot will join me there for raving discussions and colourful banter about toy soldiers and the worlds they inhabit.

For my part I’ll be using it to present some of the activities that don’t make the cut for a blog post, like staging this single player Warhammer 3rd Edition battle between my nearly finished Orcs & Goblins and my not quite so nearly finished Dwarfs.

Battle scene with a mix of painted and unpainted miniatures
Orcs battling ghostly apparitions of dwarfs

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