Daughters of Khaine

Edging closer to completion, I painted up the ten Witch Elves in my Oldhammer Dark Elves army for Warhammer 3rd Edition. These are a mixture of slotta and earlier sculpts – the older ones are my favourites in terms of posing, best demonstrating their bloodlust as they throw themselves into battle.

Unit of ten female Dark Elves in chainmail

Furious Witch Elves storm ahead of the army

Two ranks of Witch Elves with swords and knives

The witches wield wicked blades

I wanted to keep the overall colour scheme of the force unchanged while also distinguishing them as being part of a specific faction. Therefore I opted for replacing purple with red, which in addition to their more dynamic poses and flowing hair gives them a different vibe to the rest of the regiments.

Five Witch Elves in loose formation

Blood red is the colour of this murderous coven

Drakes of Doom

Progress on my Dark Elves for Warhammer 3rd Edition is slow, something which these Doomdrakes aptly demonstrate. The first of the Cold One riders was finished in 2015, and I just completed the last. There probably won’t be a second rank anytime soon.

Five Dark Elves riding giant lizards in front of a castle

Dark Elf knights leaving their stronghold

Since I am fielding them carrying lances, I converted some of the riders, using the plastic lances from the original Citadel skeleton horsemen. For the shields I decided on particularly sharp edged versions, which suit Dark Elves in any case, envisioning them being used as weapons, slicing limbs off their opponents as they thunder past.

Dark Elves on giant lizards carrying shields, lances and swords

The Cold Ones take up the scent of their prey

This leaves me with ten Witch Elves and a Jabberwock to finish for my modest raiding force of 65 models, equalling 1,500 points in old money.

Warhammer Armies – Ghoul Kings

The second of my armies for the undead in Warhammer Fantasy Battle is themed around the Ghoul Kings. It’s another force that has been decades in the making and is utilising figures of various ages.

As their name implies, the Ghoul Kings are followed by a court of ravenous carrion eaters, and other monstrous creatures of darkness flock to their unholy aura. Zombies rise in their wake, recent victims of their raids into the lands of the living.

Units of ghouls and zombies with their vampire masters

Reaping the lands of the living

This army makes for 1,000 points under 8th Edition rules, ready to be combined or mixed with my existing Vampire Counts army should the opportunity arise. The Strigoi Ghoul King is a metal sculpt from the time of an earlier edition, when this type of vampire was first introduced as a distinct faction. The lowlier vampire in his thrall I just painted now, using the plastic rider from the Terrorgheist kit.

Strogoi Ghoul king amidst his minions

The Strigoi Ghoul King commands his minions

Vampire in a unit of ghouls

A vampire leads the ghouls on the hunt

A horde of zombies

Shambling dead follow the necromantic will of their master

I had finished the Varghulf some time back, but took the opportunity to highlight its wing membranes and claws further while also scattering a couple of bones on its base for decoration.

A winged bestial monster

The Varghulf knows only hunger

A swarm of bats next to a Varghulf

Gratuitous bat shot for Mark

It’s a compact little infantry force, well suited for a battle even on a 4×4 gaming table. However, plans are obviously afoot to expand the army to 2,000 points. While using some existing models like more bats and Dire Wolves, the main new addition will be a Terrorgheist and some Crypt Horrors I have yet to build.

Image of the Ghoul Kings army from above

The undead horde sweeps across the field

The Warhammer Saga Begins

After having bought Saga: Age of Magic and the Book of Battles at Salute, UndeadHighElf and I got two games in. With it being our first games of Saga, we skipped magic and war machines and played a standard Clash of Warlords, followed by Prized Possessions.

Pitching my Night Goblins against Dwarfs, I got trashed twice. The main setback in the first battle came early when my two trolls were beaten back by a handful of hand gunners defending a wall, neutralising my main strike force. In game two, I managed to destroy two of the three artillery pieces the stunties were trying to deliver to the local Elector Count, but the casualties suffered in doing so proved too high a prize to pay.

We really enjoyed the system and both left with plenty of plans for future Saga forces. With these Night Goblins being my first warband specifically built for Saga (I have a separate army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle), I have since expanded them using some spare models.

I painted up Gobbla and Gnasher and two Squig Herder teams which I can now use either as a unit of Hearthguard (potentially with heavy weapons) or Berserkers in a Horde force.

Night Goblin Squig Herders for Saga: Age of Magic

Squigs are high maintenance pets

Night Goblin Squigs for Saga: Age of Magic

Big teeth and a bigger temper

In order to have a standard bearer for both of my Warrior units, I painted up a classic Kev Adams sculpt. Finally, the archers were strengthened to a full Levy band of twelve, using plastic models I didn’t have a use for previously.

Night Goblin warriors with banner for Saga: Age of Magic

The Moonshine Mob is out raiding

Night Goblin archers for Saga: Age of Magic

Being slightly smarter than the rest, these gobbos engage the enemy from afar

Zombie Tide

It turned into a bit of a slog towards the end, but I managed to complete my horde of 30 zombies in thrall to the Ghoul Kings for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Zombie regiment for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

The war dead march again

A dozen of the figures are metals from The Assault Group that I ordered with their Kickstarter in 2017. Five of the sculpts are now available from their store, while the sixth was an exclusive. They will tie in nicely with my fledgling Empire army, hence I painted some of the zombies up in the state colours of Ostermark and Ostland.

Zombies by The Assault Group for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Once proud warriors of the Empire

Zombies by The Assault Group for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Former soldiers of Ostermark

To complete the regiment I dug through my bits box and combined  Citadel plastic zombie heads and arms with bodies from the archers and militia sets. One is using the legs and torso of a Perry Miniatures mercenary, while two do not use any legs since I modelled them to be emerging from the cursed soil of Sylvania.

Zombie conversions for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Dark magic stirs the dead to life

Altogether I have a horde of 60 zombies now for my masters of the necromantic arts to call upon. The upcoming Fireforge zombies are looking pretty nice as well, so I might add another unit of them in future. Maybe something for my Salute 2020 shopping list.

Zombie horde for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

A horde of the walking dead

Zombies for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Mindless serfs of the Vampire Counts

Salute 2019 – Fantasy

I don’t think there were any clubs hosting fantasy themed games at Salute 2019, only companies showcasing their worlds. Hopefully with the release of Saga: Age of Magic, Warlords of Erehwon and Oathmark later this year (I think) the genre will receive more attention again.

Mierce Miniatures had expanded their table for Darklands once more with the addition of a fantastic looking whaling port under attack.

A participation game for Darklands

Darklands at Salute 2019

A participation game for Darklands

Darklands at Salute 2019

A participation game for Darklands

Darklands at Salute 2019

Smaller boards for skirmish level games were presented by Goblin King Games (Moonstone), Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare (Thud & Blunder), Warploque Miniatures (ArcWorlde), Oathsworn Miniatures (Burrows & Badgers), Twilight Miniatures (The World of Twilight) and 4Ground (The Legends of Fabled Realms).

Tabletop skirmish game in a fairytale world

Moonstone at Salute 2019

Tabletop skirmish game in a fairytale world

Moonstone at Salute 2019

Fantasy skirmish game set in a craggy mountain landscape

Thud & Blunder at Salute 2019

New edition of the fantasy skirmish game

ArcWorlde at Salute 2019

Anthropomorphic animal fantasy skirmish game

Burrows & Badgers at Salute 2019

Multiplayer game set in the fantasy world of Anyaral

The World of Twilight at Salute 2019

28mm scale fantasy skirmish warfare

The Legends of Fabled Realms at Salute 2019