Catachan Fire Support

I’m working away on a 500 point infantry force of Catachan Jungle Fighters for Warhammer 40k and just put the finishing touches to a heavy weapons squad. Equipped with two heaver bolters and an autocannon, they should be able to shred through dense jungle foliage and everything hiding within it alike.

Left to do now are the commander of this combat patrol and a unit of three Ogryns that will be handy in a close quarter encounter and also share the Catachan dress sense. They should get along great.

Three teams equipped with heavy guns on tripods

That tree just moved, fire!

Heavy weapon team manning an autocannon

The right calibre against small vehicles and large critters

Weapon team with heavy bolter

Keeping the bullets coming

View from behind of a heavy bolter team

Creating a clearing for the advance

Three heavy weapon teams lined up in the jungle

Taking up a defensive position

Ruff in the Jungle

A second infantry squad and missile launcher team complete my platoon of Catachan Jungle Fighters for Warhammer 40k. I am aiming for a detachment size force of 500 points at the moment, so there’s a fire support squad, a trio of Ogryns and the Captain still to come.

Three units of Catachan soldiers in a jungle environment

A Catachan platoon advances through dense jungle

The missile launcher team features the metal sculpts but I used a new plastic tube as the original had been utilised for a different project. One of the squads also includes a plastic trooper that I put together from the command sprue as I was a metal figure short. His head is smaller than the others but otherwise he fits in reasonably well.

Two man team with missile launcher on bipod

Missile launchers are mobile and tactically flexible

Squad of soldiers in action

Catachans make ferocious fighters

Trooper with a flamethrower and Sergeant with chainsword and bolt pistol

With fire and sword








Catachan Command

The plan for my Catachan Jungle Fighters is to have a 500 points force under Warhammer 40k 7th Edition rules. This will be formed around a single infantry platoon, reinforced by a squad of Ogryns and some fire support.

The first unit of infantry I already painted back in 2015, so now it is time to add the platoon command squad. It’s made up of the original metal sculpts, including a lieutenant, two special weapon troopers and a soldier with voxcaster.

Squad of five soldiers in green uniforms and red bandanas amongst jungle plants

Taking the fight into the jungle

Soldier with metal chest armour, wearing black sunglasses, smoking a cigar and holding a heavy rifle with ammo belt

Sunglasses – check. Cigar – check. Badass confirmed.

Two soldiers with laser rifles, one shouting into a radio transmitter

Calling in a fire bombing run

Two soldiers with a flamethrower and a plasma rifle

Plasma and flames will cleanse the undergrowth





Search and Destroy

Now at full combat strength, the newly recruited squad of Catachan Jungle Fighters has been sent out to purge the jungle around the base from hostile life forms.

A squad of Catachan Jungle Fighters under attack by a pair of Genestealers

The patrol runs into predators more deadly than even the native fauna

After Space Hulk was re-released I did some work on a brood of Genestealers to try out a colour scheme for a tabletop force. I had a mix in mind of the classic blue and purple and the dark original Alien design. The extremities are drybrushed in brown with a heavy black wash on top while the rest of the skin areas are ranging from deep purple to pink. Rather than paint the claws in bone, I left them plain black and coated them in gloss varnish to show that these beasts are not your average organic life form known to man.

Two Genestealers bearing down on Catachan Jungle Fighters

With nerves of steel the fighters fire at point blank

The special weapon of choice for the Catachans had to be a flamer of course. If the Tyranid incursion spreads, this will have to be upgraded to a heavy flamer…

A Catachan Jungle Fighter armed with a flamer

The flamer is equally suited for clearing fire corridors and direct enemy engagement

Close up of Catachan Jungle Fighters

For a Catachan Jungle Fighter, life is a daily struggle for survival

Into the Green Hell of Catachan

Since I’ve bought some aquarium plants as jungle flora recently I’ve been meaning to finally paint up a couple of the Catachan Jungle Fighters I’ve had in my stash since their release.

I started with a five man combat patrol with basic lasguns as armament which I’ll expand to a full squad with special weapon. It’s unlikely I’ll build up a full army since I always found that Catachans are more suitable for skirmish scenarios, but we’ll see where this goes. I own a few more metal models including officers and special weapon troopers.

Four soldiers in green jungle fatigues with laser rifles lead by a Sergeant with sword and pistol

Only the strong survive on Catachan

I didn’t want to do anything complicated like camo patterns, so the uniforms were painted in the old Catachan Green with an Athonian Camoshade wash and Loren Forest highlights. All very classic with the red bandanas and a good fit for my jungle terrain.

Back view of two Catachan Jungle Fighters

Essential equipment is shared out between the soldiers

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter Sergeant with laspistol and chainsword

Sergeant Roddick’s chainsword clears the way

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter with scoped lasgun

A lowlight targeting scope enhances accuracy amongst the undergrowth

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter with lasgun

Furious determination is a Catachan’s best weapon