Medieval Demons

I pledged for the Medieval Demons by Antediluvian Miniatures in 2017 and just made a start by painting up the first group. The sculpts are crisp and the white metal castings are very clean so I highly recommend this range.

Based on drawings of demons in medieval manuscripts, I intend to field these as the retinue of a powerful Daemon Prince of Tzeentch using Saga 2 rules or against actual historical fighters of the era.

With their faces leering from various body parts, colourful skin tons and bird like features, such medieval depictions of the forces of hell must have had a big influence on the Changer of the Ways in Warhammer lore.

Four humanoid figures with horned heads and colourful skin in front of medieval buildings
The foot soldiers of hell
Two devil like figures with yellow and brown skin and fur
Horns and fangs are devilish trademarks
Back view of the creatures with one sporting a face in place of his buttocks
Faces sprout from unexpected places
Two green, red, brown and blue demonic creatures
Damnation coms in many shades
Back view of the horned servants of hell
Clawed hands and feet will tear into sinners

16 thoughts on “Medieval Demons”

    1. Thanks, it was fun working in those rather uncommon colour combinations for a single unit. I am preparing the other three groups now and will work away on them when I am in the mood for some skin highlighting.

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  1. They’re brilliant mate – I did fancy those myself, but couldn’t really think how I would paint or use them… Seeing your bright interpretation is a joy!


    1. Cheers, the paint jobs on their site are great and provided my inspiration, together with images from medieval manuscripts, which the sculptor and painter will have used themselves. Still got some way to go with the figures I have, but I do hope the range will expand regardless.

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    1. Thank you! Those medieval monks could get pretty vulgar in their illuminations so I think the range is currently quite restrained. Let’s see what else they might add in future :)

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  2. They are neat. I particularly like the yellowish skin you did on the one and the unusual color combinations work for me as well.


    1. Cheers, he looks pretty deranged!

      Antediluvian Miniatures struck me as a manufacturer that could tickle your fancy. I think I have to get some of their 19th century interpretations of popular dinosaurs too.

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    1. Thank you! It is a fun and unusual collection to work on (something you would know all about!), and there is more to come including a big guy.

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