Lead Belching Machinery of Destruction

I am terrible at painting war machines, never quite being able to finish the machine and all its crew. Seeing the splendid results on Azazel’s Bitz Box of what can be achieved with some dedication towards the Machineries of Destruction I decided to do better from now on.

First up in my collection of now fully battle ready artillery is the Lead Belcher organ gun designed by Kev Adams for my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins.

Front view of the Lead Belcher on the battlefield

Pointing the barrels in the right direction is a promising start

I happily took the shortcut of only painting three crewmen, which are required for the organ gun to be mobile on the battlefield. The additional crew are likely to find their way into the baggage train I am planning to build (one day).

Goblin crewmen for the Lead Belcher

Wat yu laffin’ at?

The second-hand set came with only two of the original wheel scythes, so I replaced them all with plastic scythe blades from the old Skeleton Warriors set.

Side view of the Lead Belcher with scythed wheels

Lotssa slicy bitz

Rear view of the Lead Belcher pointing at a unit of Orc Arrer Boyz

Kil ’em ded

Another Brick in the Shieldwall

I’m busy working away on my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins army but I’m still at the rather less glamorous stage of applying base colours across the board. This weekend I’ve taken some time off from the drudgery though in order to finish a few models and paint their shields as well.

The classic half moon is the emblem for my Goblins of the Leerin’ Moon tribe. I’ve added a Bob Olley sculpt to the regiment as Champion since he’s larger, more gnarly and has a three pronged spear. Three is better than one, so he must be the boss.

Oldhammer Goblins with spears and shields

Bob Olley Goblin lording it over his Marauder minion

The regiment of Marauder Orcs is from the tribe of the Greedy Maw, which is reflected by their shield emblems being all variations of this theme.

Oldhammer Orcs with shields by Marauder Miniatures

Marauder Orcs with shields carrying their tribe’s emblem

Goblins Under New Ownership

I acquired a bunch of Goblins by Marauder Miniatures from ebay the other day. There are enough to make two units of 20 for my Oldhammer Orc & Goblin army, with spears or hand weapons plus shields respectively.

The figures came without bases or shields but were rather more nicely painted (I really like the war paint) and less damaged  than I would have anticipated. This will make finishing them a whole lot easier as I can use my tried and tested method of adding washes and highlights over the existing base colours.

Below two of the same model, with my finishing touches and as purchased.

Oldhammer Marauder Goblin Spearmen

Goblin Spearmen by Marauder Miniatures

I gave the bronze armour a new shine and applied black wash to the iron parts. All the newly added shields I’ll keep in black until I decide on the decorations. I used a drop of red glaze on the eyes and some Seraphim Sepia to stain those needle sharp teeth.

Oldhammer Marauder Goblin Spearman

Goblin with spear and shield

The main task as with the Orcs is the skin. I used the same method of highlighting with thinned down Rotting Flesh. In order to give them a smoother skinned, less gnarly look than the Orcs, I finished this off by then applying a yellow glaze over the top. This will distinguish the Goblins in my army from their larger and tougher cousins, and I feel it gives them a malicious glow.

Charge of the Wolf Riders

Gitznak’s Goblin Wolf Riders rose to infamy in the Wolf Lands east of the Worlds Edge Mountains, raiding, plundering and hiring themselves out as scouts for many an ambitious Warboss. Few of those succeeded in their lofty ambitions but Gitznak always ensured that his crew stuck around till first pay day – and not a moment longer.

Recently, following a misunderstanding surrounding the delivery of wares to one of the slave masters in Mount Grey Hag, Gitznak decided to lead his tribe through Mad Dog Pass and into the Badlands in search for a new employer who hasn’t caught wind of his previous ‘credentials’.

Goblin Wolf Riders by Marauder Miniatures

Gitznak’s Wolf Riders charge the Dwarf artillery

Goblin Wolf Rider Musician by Marauder Miniatures

Goblin horn blower sounding the charge

Goblin Wolf Rider Standard by Marauder Miniatures

Wolf Riders’ banner

Goblin Wolf Riders for Warhammer

Only grapeshot could save the Dwarfs now

Goblin Wolf Riders

Goblin Wolf Riders

Goblin Wolf Riders by Marauder Miniatures

Goblin Wolf Rider Archers

Goblin Wolf Rider Archers by Marauder Miniatures