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Mordian Calling

My Mordian Iron Guard army for Warhammer 40k is built around an infantry platoon, with heavy weapon support and a few tanks. I want to complete a second platoon eventually, but until then there are a few smaller additions and conversions to bring in more variety.

Since the Perry sculpts for the Mordians are from the days before vox-casters, I used those from the plastic Cadian kit and strapped them onto the backs of two soldiers. As there aren’t any suitable figures to hold a receiver, I added a headset, cut from a Rhino door handle.

Soldiers in grey uniforms with laser rifles including a radio operator
The order to advance has been received
Back view of operator with large black radio equipment and antennas
The vox-caster allows for orbital communications

I don’t know whether I’ll use them in the rules, as for now I only have two radio operators so that the Command and Platoon HQs can both get one, to communicate with the higher echelons of their regiment.

Soldiers in a trench with radio operator
Calling in reinforcements
Radio operator emerging from a trench bunker
Relaying latest orders from central command

I don’t have any Special Weapons Squads in the army yet, but this soldier in running stance gave me the idea to equip him with a demolition charge. Converting two more from different figures will be a bit trickier.

Soldier running through crater with laser rifle in right and bomb with handle in left hand
Delivering the payload










Warhammer 40k Armies – Mordian Iron Guard

A while back I set myself the goal to finish painting a core of 1,000 points of Mordian Iron Guard using the 7th Edition Codex Astra Militarum, and this weekend finally saw the finishing touches being completed. I started this force literally decades ago and I have a lot more half-painted and unpainted figures to add to it, but with constantly jumping between projects, it still took a while to get all the bits for even this completed and add a few additional details.

Infantry and tanks of the Mordian Iron Guard in a ruined cityscape
The Mordian Iron Guard are moving in to secure a shattered city

The 3rd version of Codex Imperial Guard from 2003 contained rules for regimental doctrines and background on preferred weapons, which are reflected by the addition of a Sanctioned Psyker, the use of grenade launchers and the fielding of a lascannon squad. For the Veterans in the Command HQ I added aiguillettes like those on the squad Sergeants to distinguish them from regular troopers.

Command squad with a Captain and a Psyker
A Primaris Psyker lends advice and supernatural powers to the Captain
Infantry squad with missile and grenade launcher and two heavy support squads with lascannons and mortars
The infantry is equipped with a variety of heavy weapons to take on any foe

City fighting is really where the Mordians are at home, so the tanks in the force are suited for close support in built up areas.

Leman Russ Demolisher tank and infantry of the Mordian Iron Guard
The Demolisher’s siege cannon can clear the path for advancing infantry in urban environments
Hellhound flame tank in Mechanicus standard grey paint scheme
The Hellhound can flush hidden enemies out of cover with gouts of flame
Chimera tank with a multilaser turret
The Chimera provides transport and communications to the Command HQ

Infantry is the backbone of all my armies, and especially for the Imperial Guard they define the character of the force. The Mordian Iron Guard are famous for their parade style uniforms, but rather than go overboard with colours, I opted for a mass produced grey with some bright accents in fitting with their background as part of the imperial war machine.

Commissar and infantry of the Mordian Iron Guard with a Hellhound tank in the background
Led by a Commissar, the infantry advances in the wake of a Hellhound
Mordian Iron Guard heavy bolters and autocannon in front of advancing infantry
A Mordian fire support squad creates a kill zone ahead of the infantry

The Thick Grey Line

I’ve finished theming the Aegis Defence Lines for my Mordian Iron Guard (part 1 here if you’ve missed it).

Below, a set of binoculars to scan the horizon for hostile activity. It’s taken from the Rogue Trader era plastic Space Orks who were clearly more sophisticated in those days.

Aegis Defence Line
Mordian observation post

The stacked ammo pouches suggest a sniper position. Are those kill markings or is someone just counting off the days?

Aegis Defence Line
Mordian sniper position

A game of noughts & crosses to pass the time between attack waves.

Aegis Defence Line
Aegis Defence Line section

The centrefold of last month’s Heroines of the Imperium, sure to make any Guardsman rise to the occasion in battle.

Aegis Defence Line
Sisters of Battle poster

A standard issue field blanket. According to the soldiers, it is so coarse that you “wouldn’t wrap a corpse in it”.

Aegis Defence Line
Storm Trooper Sergeant

Looks like even the stalwart Aegis Defence Line couldn’t provide protection for an unfortunate Guardsmen here. Only his bloody handprint remains.

Aegis Defence Line
Mordian Iron Guard officer

Man the Defences!

I painted a section of Aegis Defence Lines for Warhammer 40k a while ago, keeping it simple. Codex grey and dull steel are my colours of choice for the Imperial Guard, reflecting the mass-produced origin of their gear and more generally the harsh and joyless existence of a common soldier in the forces of the Imperium.

While each battle-hardened man-at-arms might just be a small cog in a monstrous machine, they are nevertheless the closest to ‘you and me’ as one is going to find on the battlefields of the 41st millennium. So it seemed fitting to revisit the Aegis Defence Lines and add some personal touches, showing that these barricades are literally a matter of life and death for a guardsman if he finds himself fielded on some Emperor-forsaken outpost facing off against ravening hordes of aliens or frothing lunatic traitors.

Aegis Defence Line
Mordian Iron Guard defending the front line
Aegis Defence Line
Imperial Guard defences

I’ve coloured in some functional buttons (in appropriate emergency red for the most part, because pretty much everything happening around an Aegis Defence Line is going to be an emergency) and added a purity seal to one section, which the regimental priest attached in a solemn Ceremony of Protection before the impending battle.

Quad-gun for air defence
Aegis Defence Line
Mordian Iron Guard rushing in to strengthen the line

Finally one of the soldiers has inscribed his own expression of faith in the almighty Emperor in white chalk in the face of the oncoming enemy.

Aegis Defence Line
The Mordian Iron Guard’s faith in the Emperor is strong