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The Brains and the Brawn

There’s a lot of rank and file painting going on for my Orcs & Goblins and Dwarfs for Warhammer 3rd Edition lately. In-between I also managed to complete the command for my greenskins finally, consisting of an Orc Shaman and an Orc Warlord.

Classic sculpts of an Orc Wizard and General
Zogdrek and Durgork muster the army

The wizard is the very same I bought in the early 90s (?) as part of the Poly the Wyvern box set. It had base colours on for a couple of decades but only now can be considered finished.

Back view of the Orc Shaman holding his staff aloft
The shamanic staff crackles with malevolent energy

The hero is a new addition but also a vintage model, courtesy of Kev Adams of course. He’s a real brute, with possibly some Black Orc blood in his family tree.

Back view of the Orc Hero wielding sword and axe
The general holds a rousing speech that is unfortunately too vulgar to be related here

Spreading Discord

In lieu of any significant hobby progress and to battle the Salute-That-Never-Was 2020 blues this weekend I set up a Discord server for The Lost and the Damned. I hope some of you lot will join me there for raving discussions and colourful banter about toy soldiers and the worlds they inhabit.

For my part I’ll be using it to present some of the activities that don’t make the cut for a blog post, like staging this single player Warhammer 3rd Edition battle between my nearly finished Orcs & Goblins and my not quite so nearly finished Dwarfs.

Battle scene with a mix of painted and unpainted miniatures
Orcs battling ghostly apparitions of dwarfs

Dangerous in Numbers

I’m still in an Oldhammer mood and making progress on my Orcs & Goblins. While painting is slow, I’ve been taking stock, putting together regiments and constructing movement trays.

I did also manage to finish the mob of 20 Gobbo Stickas that is one of the core units of the army. About half of these are plastics that I had bought second hand and which were painted so well that I kept them untouched other than a little detailing and new bases. The rest are mostly metals that break up the uniformity of the regiment nicely.

A block of goblins carrying short bows
No greenskin army is complete without a mob of ‘stickas’

Four goblins with bows in loose formation
The champion takes his best shots out skirmishing

Two ranks of goblins with short bows
The mob deploys in line

A line of goblins in front of orc regiments
The goblin archers shield the advance of the elite orcs

Oldhammer Armies – Dark Elves

My Oldhammer army of the Dark Elves for Warhammer 3rd Edition is completed. I think I managed to include a good cross section of troop types in the 1,500 points that will make the army interesting to field while looking good doing so.

Bird's eye view of a Dark Elf army lined up
A host of Naggaroth marches to war

The core regiments consist of a large block of armoured warriors with swords and shields, two sections of crossbowmen and some Witch Elves and Doomdrakes for hard hitting but fragile close combat power.

Dark Elf warriors in chainmail with purple and black livery
The rank and file of the Dark Elves under their gruesome banner

Two units of Dark Elves carrying crossbows
The wicked crossbow is the Dark Elves’ favourite weapon

Ten frenzied female Dark Elves wielding sharp blades
The Witch Elves spill blood for the Lord of Murder

Five Dark Elves riding giant lizards
Dark Elf knights spur their cold blooded mounts into battle

The characters in the army are a Death Dealer as its general, a Death-hood sorcerer and a Goredirker assassin.

Side view of a Dark Elf lord wearing a skin cape and carrying an owl
The leader of the Dark Elves revels in ostentatious cruelty

Dark Elf sorcerer holding a magical amulet
The sorcerer directs evil energies towards his foes

Crouching Dark Elf wielding a sabre and dagger
The assassin seeks out his prey amongst the opposing army

A repeating bolt thrower will pepper the ranks of the enemy with steel tipped death, while the Jabberwock with its poisoned attacks and regenerative powers should strike fear into all enemies, assuming it doesn’t get bogged down by its stupidity.

Two Dark Elves manning a bolt thrower with a magazine of projectiles
The repeating bolt thrower sows quick death amongst the ranks of the enemy

A green skinned Jabberwock with purple wings
The Jabberwock has been bound to the Dark Elves’ service

Following the Forces of Undeath from 2015, at this rate I might still make it through all of the content in Warhammer Armies, assuming I can achieve a timely demise. The most likely candidates for next finished force are the Orcs & Goblins, so expect to see some updates on them in due course.

Beware the Jabberwock

The final element in my Oldhammer Dark Elves force is a Jabberwock, summoned to do evil deeds by the sorceries of the Death-hood.

It’s a quirky sculpt of a weird monster that I’ve always liked, so I am glad to have found a place for it amongst my armies. I thought the traditional colour scheme would make a good fit for my Dark Elves. Their habit of fielding bound monsters to bolster their ranks is something I gladly subscribed to as well, since the Jabberwock is the points equivalent of another regiment of infantry or cavalry.

Dark Elf Sorcerer and Jabberwock
The sorcerer has bound the monster to his will

Green skinned Jabberwock with spread purple wings
The Jabberwock prowls through the woods

The Jabberwock returns to its lair
Top down view of the Jabberwock next to stone ruins and a pile of skulls