Dwellers in the Dark

I finished the second Cave Troll from the Knightmare Miniatures Green Skin Wars range to bolster my Night Goblin raiding party for Dragon Rampant. Once the third troll is finished, I’ll probably field them as a reduced model count unit of Bellicose Foot with Mystical Armour, to represent their regenerative abilities.

Pale skinned troll leaning on big club with two skulls in hand

The troll doesn’t tolerate intruders in its cave

The Kickstarter campaign also included a bunch of… sentient mushrooms I guess? As anyone knows, Night Goblins and mushrooms go together perfectly, so I am painting them up as themed terrain, or maybe even a playable unit in their own right.

Long stalked mushrooms of various colours with grinning faces

Strange magical energies have brought the cave fungus to life

The sculpting on the troll is once again excellent, and its facial expression one of the most characterful I have ever seen on a miniature.

Side view of the growling troll with purple mushroom in background

Living in a dark, dank cave doesn’t encourage a sunny disposition

View of the troll's gnarly back

Better sneak out while he’s not looking

Missiles, Monsters and Mages

The second half of the Doom Goblin tribe I am painting for Dragon Rampant consists of some archers, a shaman and a trio of cave trolls.

Since I was one bowman short of a six strong unit of scouts I added a plastic Night Goblin from the Warhammer 4th Edition box set. Unfortunately the Army Painter anti-shine spray applied over Citadel gloss varnish looks like a layer of dust on all the miniatures in the photos – might have to switch to another supplier.

Three goblins with dark hoods carrying bows

Sticking two fingers up to civilisation

Three goblin archers with black hoods

Goblin archers raiding a hamlet

The shaman with his mushroom staff is another characterful figure from the hands of Goblinmaster Kev Adams.

Goblin with black hood holding a staff shaped like a mushroom with a face

The shaman draws supernatural powers from shrooms

The first of the cave trolls I finished is a sculpt by Diego Serrata Pinilla, the owner of Knightmare Miniatures.

Pale skinned troll holding a big rock

Cave trolls often follow Doom Goblins on their raids

Now I am just missing two trolls, and a bunch of mushrooms as a bonus, which I’ll either use as terrain or to accompany the shaman in a unit.

Groups of goblin archers, shaman and a large troll in front of a medieval hovel

Doom Goblins only venture overground to pillage and plunder









Doom Goblin Dozen

The first dozen Doom Goblins by Knightmare Miniatures is finished. Using Dragon Rampant, they’ll be fielded as a unit of Light Foot with the Offensive rule. They are all great individual sculpts, and I could well see them in some dungeon crawling too.

Group of twelve green skinned goblins with black hoods

The tribe’s leader with his retinue

The second lot I painted contains a standard bearer and some more fighters, with hoods up and down and a variety of weapons, giving the group a lot of variety.

Goblin holding a black banner with white flame motif flanked by two comrades

The Banner of Doom

Three goblins with spear, mace and sword respectively

The tribe’s fighters are vicious

The facial expressions of these little blighters are classic Kev Adams, and it’s still as much fun painting them as it was 25 years ago.

Close up of the banner bearer with his wide evil grin

The tribe’s banner inspires fanatical devotion

Goblin musician with skull drum and fighter with mace

Heavy maces are popular with the strongest goblins








Rampant Night Goblins

Since Night Goblins became a distinct range around Warhammer 4th Edition they’ve been favourites of mine. My formative years were spent playing with Kev Adams sculpted goblinoids, and I’d always been tempted by his later Crooked Claw range of miniatures. When this was picked up and expanded by Knightmare Miniatures via the Greenskin Wars Kickstarter campaign I went all in, overcome by an unstoppable wave of Waaagh energy.

Now I already have several Orc & Goblin armies in the works that don’t really need further reinforcements, so I will use these new tribes for skirmish games with the Dragon Rampant ruleset by Osprey. Apparently Knightmare Miniatures are working on a supplement for the Goblin Wars specifically tailored for their range, but in the meantime I am putting together 18 points forces using the open army creation system that Dragon Rampant is designed for.

Circle of six goblins with black hoods in rocky terrain

Plotting the next raid

The first six of a unit of twelve light foot infantry are now finished. I am going for my usual dark blue hoods, but chose to stay away from any contrast colours. Instead, I’ll use browns and greys for other items of clothing and equipment, and dull steel and tarnished bronze for weapons and armour.

Three goblins with axe, sword and shield and skull drum respectively

Fighter, boss and musician

Three goblins with spiked maces

Morning stars are the popular choice

For anyone thinking about mixing these miniatures with their existing Night Goblins, here is a bit of a comparison of size and sculpting style. Overall the figures are taller and lankier than older Citadel sculpts and the latest plastics. However, there is also some variation within the range itself. The poses and size would probably make it a bit tricky to rank them up on 20mm bases, so another good argument for using them in a skirmish game setting.

Three goblins of varying sizes lined up

Citadel Night Goblin Bosses in metal (left) and plastic (right)

Once I have the other half of the unit finished, there’ll be some archers, trolls and a shaman to complete the Night Goblin tribe.

Two goblins attacking each other while others watch

Settling a dispute the goblin way



Curse of the Mummy Collector

Ever since I painted the first two mummies for my Warhammer 3rd Edition Undead army I haven’t been able to rest easy. Knowing there were two more ancient sculpts out there to complete the set, I undertook several gruelling expeditions until they were finally discovered and bound to my necromantic forces.

Two ancient mummies

They are coming to get you

Side view of two walking mummies

The shambling dead

Now four strong, these powerful undead can bring doom to entire regiments of enemies. If they weren’t so slow.

Four mummies advancing side by side

The resurrected

Salute 2017 – World War 2

World War 2 was the theme of many wargaming clubs who had brought their tables to Salute 2017, spanning multiple theatres of operation.

A lot of attention to detail had gone into a scenario during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines in 1942 which was hosted by the Crewe and Nantwich Wargames Club.

Wargames table with tropical terrain and fighter jets circling above

Japanese Invasion of the Philippines by Crewe and Nantwich Wargames Club

Tanks and infantry crossing a bridge

Japanese Invasion of the Philippines by Crewe and Nantwich Wargames Club

An artillery position

Japanese Invasion of the Philippines by Crewe and Nantwich Wargames Club

Japanese infantry advancing

Japanese Invasion of the Philippines by Crewe and Nantwich Wargames Club

US vehicles and infantry on the outskirts of a small settlement

Japanese Invasion of the Philippines by Crewe and Nantwich Wargames Club

Cavalry moving through a village

Japanese Invasion of the Philippines by Crewe and Nantwich Wargames Club

View over marshes and fields with infantry and military vehicles

Japanese Invasion of the Philippines by Crewe and Nantwich Wargames Club

Ironfist Publishing fought in the Battle of Tobruk using the Battlegroup ruleset (my current forerunner in rulesets if I were to ever start a WW2 collection).

Desert wargaming table with tanks advancing and a plane above

Battlegroup Tobruk by Ironfist Publishing

A Middle Eastern adobe building compound

Battlegroup Tobruk by Ironfist Publishing

Artillery position at a river bent

Battlegroup Tobruk by Ironfist Publishing

A very different take on the subject came from the Gamers in Thanet Society. Here escaped POWs needed to evade capture in a lovingly modelled town.

Multi storied town houses

Papers Please by Gamers in Thanet Society

German kuebelwagen on a cobbled street

Papers Please by Gamers in Thanet Society

The unusual battlefield of the Babaoshan Golf Course was the setting for an engagement during the 2nd Sino-Japanese War.

Infantry and cavalry moving up a wargaming table

Pin Hai, Battle for the 18th Green by Ard Hamma

Infantry defending a building and forecourt

Pin Hai, Battle for the 18th Green by Ard Hamma

The Tunbridge Wells Wargaming Society led a Russian counterattack on a prepared German position in 1942, using 15mm armies.

A defensive line across a green landscape

Russian Counterattack Near Rogochev by Tunbridge Wells Wargaming Society

Tanks and infantry massing around a hamlet

Russian Counterattack Near Rogochev by Tunbridge Wells Wargaming Society

There was even more variety on display, with battles in the air, at sea and across the seasons.

Map of southern Britain with plane models above

Battle of Britain by City of Henfield Squadron, RAF Fighter Command

Warships and an aircraft carrier

Lefthand Down a Bit (or Sink HMS Eagle) by Gentlemens Wargames Parlour

Infantry and tanks facing each other across a river in a snowy landscape

Russians vs Germans presumably in Bolt Action

Landing craft delivering infantry and vehicles onto a coastline under bombardment

Sword Beach 1944 by Herts Volunteers