Salute 2016 – World War 2 & Modern Warfare

Salute 2016 at the ExCeL organised by the South London Warlords brought its usual variety of wargaming across many eras and scales. Getting to see all the amazing tables in-between browsing and shopping is always a challenge. At the end of the day I managed to snap at least a selection to provide an overview of what was on display, starting off with the historical late modern era.

The Loughton Strike Force put on a battle during the Russo-Finnish War of 1940 over a frozen lake using the Chain of Command rules.

Background materials for Loughton Strike Force's Russo-Finnish War 1940 game

Loughton Strike Force – Russo-Finnish War 1940

Large World War 2 themed wargaming table with winter scenery in 28mm scale

Loughton Strike Force – Russo-Finnish War 1940

Small winter scene with a staff car, a field gun and crew standing by a barrel fire

Loughton Strike Force – Russo-Finnish War 1940

The Tet Offensive was the backdrop to the Essex Gamester’s Vietnam War mega game.

View of a large wargaming table in multiple sections with a river through jungle and military camp in the foreground

Essex Gamesters – The Tet Offensive

A helicopter hovering over jungle trees next to a river with several patrol boats

Essex Gamesters – The Tet Offensive

Two artillery emplacements on a river bank with a watchtower and parked APC

Essex Gamesters – The Tet Offensive

Cold War gone hot in 6mm scale was the topic for Heroic and Ros’ 1986 Gyros Teller Goes Small in a Large Way which saw Soviet forces assault across a river defended by NATO.

A large wargaming table in 6mm scale with a village and open countryside in the background

Heroics and Ros – 1986 Gyros Teller Goes Small in a Large Way

Leicester Phat Cats were gaming in the same era using Team Yankee rules and 15mm models. The setting saw a US Combat Team face off against a Russian Motor Rifle Regiment.

A wargaming table with fields, a crossroads with houses and tanks advancing from both ends

Leicester Phat Cats – Team Yankee: First Contact

Jet Warfare of the 1980s was the theme for White Hart Wargamers’ Sidewinder game.

Three fighter aircraft models over a terrain mat depicting a coastline

White Hart Wargamers – Sidewinder: Modern Jet Warfare

The Crawley Wargames Club hosted the D-Day: Operation Overlord participation game.

A boardgames style set up showing the Normandy coastline and army tokens occupying sections of the terrain

Crawley Wargames Club – D-Day: Operation Overlord

The Road to Homs was the title of an alternative scenario for the Invasion of Lebanon 1982. Maidstone Wargames Society created this epic conflict in 3mm scale.

Large wargaming table with mountainous desert terrain and mechanised armies in 3mm scale

Maidstone Wargames Society – The Road to Homs

Salute 2015 – Modern Warfare

Wargames Illustrated hosted “Cold War Gone Hot”, the largest modern era participation game at Salute 2015. It made use of Nick Ayres’ 3rd Generation Warfare rules and featured models from the Leicester Phat Cats on winter terrain built by Nick Ayres and Philip Lewis.

It’s the 1980s and the Cold War has turned into World War 3! Take charge of a unit of Warsaw Pact or NATO troops and battle for one of the main autobahns into West Germany.

Military cargo plane has landed on a motorway

Armoured vehicles deploying from a cargo plane

Battle tanks in a winter forest

Columns of trucks and light tanks passing by a bridge

Another scenario based on the Cold War erupting into open conflict was MDK’s “Operation Broadsword – The Cold War Went Wet”. A force of SBS and Royal Marine Commandos have been tasked to carry out a raid on a Russian frigate in the Baltic Sea to capture the Russian Communications code book.

Model of a Russian frigate

Interior detail of a Russian frigate

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy Magazine ran a game to preview Osprey’s upcoming rules “Black Ops”. The assignment is to control a team of trained operatives and undertake espionage missions against the clock. Will your fellow players help or hinder you?

Rural terrain with a river, bridge and industrial building in the background

Two agents on the roof of a building

One of the most iconic chase scenes in James Bond’s history was reimagined by the Maidstone Wargames Society in “Spy to a Kill: Snowfalls”. Can Bond and Dr Snow Falls evade capture in an Alaskan ski chase?

Terrain depicting a snow covered mountain slope

Miniatures and game tokens during the scenario

Salute 2014 – Modern Warfare

The most recent battle recreated at Salute 2014 was from the Five Day War between Georgian and Russian forces in South Ossetia. Leicester Phat Cats displayed Turmoil in Tskhinvali on an impressive board with mountains, cityscape and air support.

Salute 2014 - Turmoil in Tskhinvali by Leicester Phat Cats

Salute 2014 - Turmoil in Tskhinvali by Leicester Phat Cats

Salute 2014 - Turmoil in Tskhinvali by Leicester Phat Cats

Salute 2014 - Turmoil in Tskhinvali by Leicester Phat Cats

Whitehall Warlords staged a US combined operations attack on a North Vietnamese bunker complex in the 15mm scale Iron Butterflies in the Killer Jungle.

Salute 2014 - Vietnam by Whitehall Warlords

Salute 2014 - Vietnam by Whitehall Warlords

The Battle of Dien Bien Phu was the backdrop for Brussels based Chemins de Feu wargaming club. In this scenario set in 1953, French paratroopers were leading a raid to destroy a Viet Minh weapons cache.

Salute 2014 - Dien Bien Phu by Chemins de Feu

Salute 2014 - Dien Bien Phu by Chemins de Feu

Salute 2014 - Dien Bien Phu by Chemins de Feu