Whipped Into Action

My Space Orks army for Warhammer 40k has been in the works for a couple of editions now (and by that I mean stored away in a figure case). Largely built and with some undercoat and base colours on, only half a unit of Grotz and a few Goff Orks were completed. For reasons unknown but most likely linked to a disturbance in the Waaagh somewhere, I felt the urge to finish the moderately sized Gretchin mob this week.

Ten Gretchin with a Runtherd on a battlefield
With a little encouragement the Gretchin advance

There are more Grotz to paint in my collection, but my current army list just includes this small band as a filler. Combined with the Rogue Trader era mob I’ve got 30, nearly enough to start a revolution and split off into its own faction. I do own the Red Gobbo and always had my eye on some scrap tankettes, so the Runtherd better keep a close watch over this rabble.

Five Gretchin attack soldiers of the Imperial Guard
Up close and personal
Runtherd driving his Gretchin towards Imperial Guardsmen
A prod in the right direction

10 thoughts on “Whipped Into Action”

  1. Nice one – you can’t beat a few grots (although that runt herd may try…). I almost bought that runt herd when he was about to be discontinued but I was skint at the time so I held back and waited for the plastic one (which gave me more models for my money). Somewhat regret it though, he is a very cool model. I always enjoy a grot rebellion too – time to show those orks who’s boss!

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    1. Cheers, that Runtherd had been sitting around half-painted since its original release. Time flies. I shudder to think of all the great models that have been discontinued without me realising. Better not dwell on it. I own the plastic Runtherd & Grotz set too, which are all nice as well. Maybe I should glue them together for a start…

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