Zombie Tide

It turned into a bit of a slog towards the end, but I managed to complete my horde of 30 zombies in thrall to the Ghoul Kings for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Zombie regiment for Warhammer Fantasy Battle
The war dead march again

A dozen of the figures are metals from The Assault Group that I ordered with their Kickstarter in 2017. Five of the sculpts are now available from their store, while the sixth was an exclusive. They will tie in nicely with my fledgling Empire army, hence I painted some of the zombies up in the state colours of Ostermark and Ostland.

Zombies by The Assault Group for Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Once proud warriors of the Empire
Zombies by The Assault Group for Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Former soldiers of Ostermark

To complete the regiment I dug through my bits box and combined  Citadel plastic zombie heads and arms with bodies from the archers and militia sets. One is using the legs and torso of a Perry Miniatures mercenary, while two do not use any legs since I modelled them to be emerging from the cursed soil of Sylvania.

Zombie conversions for Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Dark magic stirs the dead to life

Altogether I have a horde of 60 zombies now for my masters of the necromantic arts to call upon. The upcoming Fireforge zombies are looking pretty nice as well, so I might add another unit of them in future. Maybe something for my Salute 2020 shopping list.

Zombie horde for Warhammer Fantasy Battle
A horde of the walking dead
Zombies for Warhammer Fantasy Battle
Mindless serfs of the Vampire Counts

24 thoughts on “Zombie Tide”

  1. I don’t know how you can make a horde like this look so flawlessly done. I’d get sloppy after the first few… Looks awesome though, and the disparate models really come together well in a zombie horde.

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    1. Thank you! I break units up into groups of approx. five to work on at a time and usually do the initial steps across the whole unit (in this case it was really just sand basing and base colour for skin). Then, based on what I feel like, I apply the rest of the base colours or do the washes, or the final highlights, meaning I can usually make some level of progress, whether it means finishing two models start to finish, or getting all the clothes painted in across ten models for example.

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    1. Thank you, at the moment I am mostly relieved, but it will develop into pleased whenever I get them out and line them up on the battlefield in years to come!

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  2. Fabulous! There’s nothing quite like a big horde of zombies :-) Must admit I’m not a fan of the GW zombie’s kit but you’ve managed to make it look really good, a real skill in itself – surely black magic was involved!

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    1. Cheers, the vilest of rituals were invoked indeed – but that occurs in our household as a matter of course. I still like the GW plastics, but they do show their age and I don’t think they offer enough variety for a full regiment. Mixing up three or four manufacturers for a horde of zombies is the way to go I think.

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  3. Wow, that’s a hell of a project, and well done is scarcely adequate feedback. In a big project, it’s easy to lose focus, and here you have tons of great focus. Impressed to the gills man, and I’m not even a fish!


  4. They look ace. The effort you’ve put in has paid dividends!
    I’ve been really feeling the VC buzz recently and I think in part it is down to you. I do have a depressingly large pile of barely painted models. My 13 yr old self believed that because the old plastics were bone like in colour, painting just armour and red eyes was all I needed to do!


    1. Thank you! Glad to hear the pall of dark magic is creeping over to your side as well… Maybe applying a dark tone wash or Army Painter dip to those base coloured skeletons could be an easy win to get them finished? Bringing their bases up to your current standard is also going to have a big effect I could imagine without taking much effort.

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