Second Helping

After I enjoyed painting four Ratling snipers for Warhammer 40k the other week I couldn’t really rest until I had requisitioned the remaining two figures from the series as well.

Group of three Halfling models wearing green uniform jackets and holding rifles

Fireteam Apple

The six troopers perfectly split into two small fireteams of three, each with a leader wearing a communications headset.

Side view of a figure with three sergeant stripes on his sleeve and a reversed baseball cap with a headset

Sergeant Buttersworth

A sniper kneeling and taking aim through his rifle scope

Private Merrygold

The recently promoted Corporal Brewmeister now leads the second fireteam into action.

Another group of three Halfling models with rifles wearing green uniform jackets

Fireteam Butty

Space Hobbits With Guns

As an addition to my Imperial Guard forces for Warhammer 40k I painted up a small squad of Ratling snipers. With these specialist troops being dispatched to war zones and assigned to regiments as needed, I will probably use them both for my Mordians and Praetorians.

The figures are the second incarnation of this troop type I believe, released ca. 1995 and sculpted by Alan Perry.

Four Hobbit sized figures with rifles inside a muddy crater

Ratlings sneaking to take up position in a bomb crater

For their colour scheme I took inspiration from Sharpe’s Rifles, since both their uniforms and background make a good fit. Each sniper is quite a character in his own right.

A blonde haired figure with large feet and a black headband holding a rifle with scope

Private Proudfoot

A Hobbit type figure in Napoleonic uniform jacket and black bandana advancing holding a rifle with scope

Private Underberg

A Halfling with a scoped rifle and black cap wearing a set of headphones with microphone

Private Brewmeister

A diminutive figure with curly blonde hair sighting through a rifle scope

Private Stoutbottom

As a nod to the Halfling archetype, all troopers carry large satchels stuffed with provisions.

Back view of the four Ratling snipers showing bulging brown bags hanging off shoulder straps with a blurry group of Necrons in the distance

Lying in ambush for your prime target is hungry business

Warhammer 40k Armies – Mordian Iron Guard

A while back I set myself the goal to finish painting a core of 1,000 points of Mordian Iron Guard using the 7th Edition Codex Astra Militarum, and this weekend finally saw the finishing touches being completed. I started this force literally decades ago and I have a lot more half-painted and unpainted figures to add to it, but with constantly jumping between projects, it still took a while to get all the bits for even this completed and add a few additional details.

Infantry and tanks of the Mordian Iron Guard in a ruined cityscape

The Mordian Iron Guard are moving in to secure a shattered city

The 3rd version of Codex Imperial Guard from 2003 contained rules for regimental doctrines and background on preferred weapons, which are reflected by the addition of a Sanctioned Psyker, the use of grenade launchers and the fielding of a lascannon squad. For the Veterans in the Command HQ I added aiguillettes like those on the squad Sergeants to distinguish them from regular troopers.

Command squad with a Captain and a Psyker

A Primaris Psyker lends advice and supernatural powers to the Captain

Infantry squad with missile and grenade launcher and two heavy support squads with lascannons and mortars

The infantry is equipped with a variety of heavy weapons to take on any foe

City fighting is really where the Mordians are at home, so the tanks in the force are suited for close support in built up areas.

Leman Russ Demolisher tank and infantry of the Mordian Iron Guard

The Demolisher’s siege cannon can clear the path for advancing infantry in urban environments

Hellhound flame tank in Mechanicus standard grey paint scheme

The Hellhound can flush hidden enemies out of cover with gouts of flame

Chimera tank with a multilaser turret

The Chimera provides transport and communications to the Command HQ

Infantry is the backbone of all my armies, and especially for the Imperial Guard they define the character of the force. The Mordian Iron Guard are famous for their parade style uniforms, but rather than go overboard with colours, I opted for a mass produced grey with some bright accents in fitting with their background as part of the imperial war machine.

Commissar and infantry of the Mordian Iron Guard with a Hellhound tank in the background

Led by a Commissar, the infantry advances in the wake of a Hellhound

Mordian Iron Guard heavy bolters and autocannon in front of advancing infantry

A Mordian fire support squad creates a kill zone ahead of the infantry

Search and Destroy

Now at full combat strength, the newly recruited squad of Catachan Jungle Fighters has been sent out to purge the jungle around the base from hostile life forms.

A squad of Catachan Jungle Fighters under attack by a pair of Genestealers

The patrol runs into predators more deadly than even the native fauna

After Space Hulk was re-released I did some work on a brood of Genestealers to try out a colour scheme for a tabletop force. I had a mix in mind of the classic blue and purple and the dark original Alien design. The extremities are drybrushed in brown with a heavy black wash on top while the rest of the skin areas are ranging from deep purple to pink. Rather than paint the claws in bone, I left them plain black and coated them in gloss varnish to show that these beasts are not your average organic life form known to man.

Two Genestealers bearing down on Catachan Jungle Fighters

With nerves of steel the fighters fire at point blank

The special weapon of choice for the Catachans had to be a flamer of course. If the Tyranid incursion spreads, this will have to be upgraded to a heavy flamer…

A Catachan Jungle Fighter armed with a flamer

The flamer is equally suited for clearing fire corridors and direct enemy engagement

Close up of Catachan Jungle Fighters

For a Catachan Jungle Fighter, life is a daily struggle for survival

Into the Green Hell of Catachan

Since I’ve bought some aquarium plants as jungle flora recently I’ve been meaning to finally paint up a couple of the Catachan Jungle Fighters I’ve had in my stash since their release.

I started with a five man combat patrol with basic lasguns as armament which I’ll expand to a full squad with special weapon. It’s unlikely I’ll build up a full army since I always found that Catachans are more suitable for skirmish scenarios, but we’ll see where this goes. I own a few more metal models including officers and special weapon troopers.

warhammer-40k-catachan-jungle-fighters - 1

I didn’t want to do anything complicated like camo patterns, so the uniforms were painted in the old Catachan Green with an Athonian Camoshade wash and Loren Forest highlights. All very classic with the red bandanas and a good fit for my jungle terrain.

Back view of two Catachan Jungle Fighters

Essential equipment is shared out between the soldiers

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter Sergeant with laspistol and chainsword

Sergeant Roddick’s chainsword clears the way

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter with scoped lasgun

A lowlight targeting scope enhances accuracy amongst the undergrowth

Imperial Guard Catachan Jungle Fighter with lasgun

Furious determination is a Catachan’s best weapon

Beastmen of the Astra Militarum

Since I am operating as a Rogue Trader in the furthest reaches beyond the Nephilim Sector at the moment, my hobby activities are severely restricted.

Rather than painting with a limited travel palette, I decided this weekend to embark on a small conversion project that I have been meaning to realise for a while (i.e. ever since I started playing Warhammer 40k back in the Rogue Trader days) – Imperial Beastmen.

Beastmen have it tough in today’s Imperial Army/Guard/Astra Militarum, with barely a mention of abhuman citizens, never mind soldiery, other than Ogryns and Ratlings. That leaves lots of space though for improvisation, and  I have a couple of ideas for a back story to a platoon or two that I am planning on inducting into my forces.

I started off with an Ungor Herd for Warhammer Fantasy and a squad of Cadian Shock Troops, which fit together just as well as I’d hoped.

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Beastmen - front view

Imperial Beastmen with Sergeant

I left the majority of trinkets like bones, skulls and pouches dangling from the uniform belts for a slightly feral look. The loin clothes were a bit too shaggy though for any quartermaster to approve of, so I filed them down to an even hemline.

Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Beastmen - back view

Imperial Beastmen with standard issue gear sans pants

There’s very little green stuff needed to fill in gaps between upper and lower bodies, and the additional of ammo, bayonets and canteens quickly hide any irregularities.