The Goffs Get Bullish

The second started-but-never-finished unit in my Space Orks army for Warhammer 40k was a mob of Goffs. I had painted two metal figures with heavy weapons and a Gorkamorka Nob with a Warhammer Fantasy Orc head plus two plastic miniatures to start these off and now managed to complete another ten.

Large Ork with a back banner of Space Marine helmets on a spike

Like many of us, this Nob collects Space Marines

The paint scheme is appropriately no-nonsense, with dull metal, a few browns, a bit of red and a lot of black, accentuated with the typical chequer pattern on shoulder and back plates.

Head on view of five Orks with pistols, axes and crude swords

Choppas swinging, the Orks close in

Five Orks with pistols and axes storming forward

Comin’ to stomp all over ya

Whipped Into Action

My Space Orks army for Warhammer 40k has been in the works for a couple of editions now (and by that I mean stored away in a figure case). Largely built and with some undercoat and base colours on, only half a unit of Grotz and a few Goff Orks were completed. For reasons unknown but most likely linked to a disturbance in the Waaagh somewhere, I felt the urge to finish the moderately sized Gretchin mob this week.

Ten Gretchin with a Runtherd on a battlefield

With a little encouragement the Gretchin advance

There are more Grotz to paint in my collection, but my current army list just includes this small band as a filler. Combined with the Rogue Trader era mob I’ve got 30, nearly enough to start a revolution and split off into its own faction. I do own the Red Gobbo and always had my eye on some scrap tankettes, so the Runtherd better keep a close watch over this rabble.

Five Gretchin attack soldiers of the Imperial Guard

Up close and personal

Runtherd driving his Gretchin towards Imperial Guardsmen

A prod in the right direction

Stomping Grounds

Now that the Goff Clan has enough wheels it is time to give da boyz some two-legged mechanical support in the shape of Dreadnoughts and their larger cousins, the Stompaz.

Dreadnoughts seemed the perfect fit for the footsloggin’ Goffs and they just look dead good in black with red and white chequered markings. The Stompaz are also a fitting embodiment of the spirit of Gork and pack some serious punch. Ultimately I might attach them to a Warlord but now they are part of the clan itself and help to alleviate any command and control problems since they can operate independently of the Nobz.

Black armoured war walkers of different sizes among building ruins

Stomp, smash, kill!

Four bipedal armoured walkers with guns and clawed arms

Dreadnoughts are leading the way, eager to clamp and crush their enemies

Back view of walkers of various sizes and infantry advancing through a shattered cityscape

Blasting and bashing their way through the city

I also painted up the plastic Imperial ruins that came with the last boxed edition of the game. Some drybrushing over black and a bit of Agrax Earthshade around the base was all it took to get them onto the table.

Ork infantry and a Stompa in front of a bombed out building

The once proud Imperial city lies in ruins

Space Ork Goff infantry in front of Dreadnought and Stompa war walkers

Da boyz an’ da big boyz

More Dakka All Around

With the infantry horde done, the Goffs are getting armoured support to crush their enemies. Fitted with deathrollers and grabbing claws, these vehicles complement the Goffs’ close combat capabilities, while also adding some serious mid-range firepower.

I had two of the original Bonebreakas and a Gibletgrinda to hand, while the rest of the vehicles are built from the later plastic battlewagons that took all their design elements from those tanks.

Three tanks with black hulls, cannon turrets and large spiked metal rollers attached to the front

Space Ork Bonebreaka Squadron of the Goff Clan

Large black armoured tank with metal roller at the front and several turrets bristling with cannons

Space Ork Gibletgrinda Battle Fortress of the Goff Clan

Three black tanks with claw and pincer attachments at the front

Space Ork Gutrippa Squadron of the Goff Clan

After fighting half way through a battle against the Imperial Guard Tactical Company I built previously, it became clear that this was lacking stopping power against more heavily armoured opposition. Therefore I commandeered a Baneblade Super Heavy Tank and attached it to the company.

Large grey tank with a battle cannon in the main turret and side sponsons carrying lascannons

Baneblade Super Heavy Tank of the Imperial Guard







Goff Clan

First into the fray for my Epic 40k Space Ork Waaagh! are the Goff Clan. The company consists of 8 stands of Nobz and 15 stands of Boyz. I think I have enough of 6mm infantry for a while now. I mixed a few Oddboyz, warlords and standard bearers with the standard Nobz figures, while for the Boyz I threw in the older plasma cannons and big shootas for variety.

Several bases of 6mm scale Space Orks in power armour

The Nobz of the Goff Clan are always first to war

Bases with Space Ork infantry figures

Goff Boyz like to fight up close and personal

6mm scale Nobz, banner bearers, Runtherdz, Mekboyz, Painboyz and infantry

Goffs marching under the banner of the horned bull

For decoration, I used the standard black and white Goff chequers, teeth/flames and a few other geometric patterns while for backplates I went with a simple black dot on white background. I didn’t want too much red as that will be the main colour of the Evil Sunz of course. All the weapons are plain Leadbelcher with a Nuln Oil wash.

A mixed formation of Goff Nobz and Boyz

The Goffs have taken an Imperial city

Side and back view of Goff Nobz advancing into an Imperial city

The Nobz proudly display their personal banners

Back view of Goff Boyz amongst Imperial high rise buildings

The Boyz wear the symbol of their household

For support I will be adding tanks and walkers, making the Goff Clan a tough and flexible formation.













Blood Axe Raids Intensifying

Painting progress has been slow for a while but I just managed to finish another Blood Axe Nob for the warlord’s retinue. The sculpt is of Thrugg Bullneck himself, leader of the infamous Space Ork Raiders created by Kev Adams.

Note the rock formations and alien plant life in the background, which were bought from a pet store aquarium section. Buying ready made wargames terrain while watching dogs getting shampooed? A win win situation.

Four Orks in military gear with guns amongst rocky outcrops

Grizzled veterans of many wars

Four Space Orks standing in a circle

Council is held