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Spawn of Yhagni

I am no longer certain whether it was at last year’s Salute or longer ago, when I purchased these additions to my bestiary from Heresy Miniatures. Initially I wasn’t sure which collection they should belong to, but once I read about the maggot-like form of Yhagni, the imprisoned cousin of Cthulhu and Hastur, a possible interpretation took shape.

Four human sized maggots amongst a ruined building
The servants of Yhagni writhing in abandoned places

The Terror Grub is a demonic servant of the Great Old One, devouring humans and other sentient beings and excreting them in horrific new forms.

A giant white maggot with a fanged maw
With open maw the demon waits for a sacrificial offering
Tail end of a giant white maggot
From the Temple of Pillars it has burrowed its way

These Maggotmen are utterly insane yet still capable of communicating using common language and can thereby act as intermediaries with other cultists.

Maggot creature with a human face and arms holding pieces of flesh
Feasting on offal
Humanoid maggot with clawed hands
Hunting for victims
Giant white maggot with human face and arms dragging itself forward
Stalking its prey

Salute 2017 – Fantasy & Weird

There was a distinct lack of epic Fantasy action at Salute this year, so I am combining the category with anything ‘weird’, like Lovecraftian horror and… other things.

The Sons of Simon de Montfort ran a skirmish game based loosely on Animal Farm, using the animated movie from 1954 as a guide for their scratch built terrain.

Farm buildings with anthropomorphic animals carrying swords
Animal Farm by Sons of Simon de Montfort
Farmland and buildings with skirmishing miniatures
Animal Farm by Sons of Simon de Montfort

Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club hosted a Jurassic Park inspired participation game with suitable special effects.

Helicopter in front of Jurassic Park entry gate
Cretaceous Camp by Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club
Military installation in a jungle with roaming dinosaurs
Cretaceous Camp by Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club at Salute 2017

Mierce Miniatures showcased Darklands on some very nice terrain.

View from behind classical pillars onto a green landscape and stone bridge
Darklands by Mierce Miniatures
Troll monsters fighting against spear armed humans
Darklands by Mierce Miniatures
Dark stone portal and white marble weathered pillar
Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

Modiphius Entertainment led the fight against the Great Old Ones in Achtung! Cthulhu, while Legion Wargames Club ran a demonstration game for Paranoid Miniature’s Mythos.

Firefight inside an industrial facility
Achtung! Cthulhu by Modiphius Entertainment
Pulp World War 2 soldiers and monsters
Achtung! Cthulhu by Modiphius Entertainment
Small 1920s American townscape
Mythos by Legion Wargames Club
Large beastman, giant snake and human figures on a cobblestone square
Mythos by Legion Wargames Club

Osprey Games themselves presented Dragon Rampant in Frostgrave, pitching a large warband of barbarians against a tribe of gnolls, while Chesterfield Open Games Society took the wizards and their gangs into a ruined city and deep dungeons.

Large wargames table with grassland, river and ruins
Dragon Rampant in Frostgrave by Osprey Games
Paved road across green fields with marauding bands of barbarians and gnolls
Dragon Rampant in Frostgrave by Osprey Games
Medieval city streets under snow with adventurers and undead
Frostgrave by Chesterfield Open Gaming Society
Large stone walled dungeon
Frostgrave by Chesterfield Open Gaming Society

The remainder was a collection of smaller tables for a multitude of skirmish level games. Of course there were more, but some I covered in previous years, missed, skipped or only took blurry pictures of…

Ruins on green fields with skirmishing medieval style figures
Fabled Realms by 4Ground
Board with race track and witches on brooms in front of a castle
Discworld Witch Racing by Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club
Savannah landscape with infantry figures and 1930s race cars
Tribal Primeval and Mad Maxillian by Little Wars Australia
Oil platform with submarine
7TV by Crooked Dice
Inner city buildings with super heroes
X-Men vs Avengers by Chelmsford Bunker
Suburban landscape with zombies
The Walking Dead by Mantic Games
Armed stock cars racing through a desert landscape
Devil’s Run: Route 666 by G3 Gamers

Unspeakable Rituals

After centuries of perfidious planning, the Cult of the Kraken Lord has finally gathered to conduct a ceremony that will spell the doom of humankind.

Group of ten humanoid creatures in red robes and with green tentacles for faces
The cult is gathered

Wielding the Staff of Many Eyes and reciting from the Cursed Tome of Conjuration, the cultists seek to raise their master from the depth of the sea to enslave our world.

Two robed figures with a staff and grimoire
Priests are invoking a sinister spell

Flanked by monstrous guardians, the High Priest observes his diabolical plans being enacted.

Figure on a throne in the shape of a kraken, flanked by two large robed guards
The ancient throne was carved by alien hands

This Kickstarter funded new range from Midlam Miniatures was entertaining to paint and will hopefully make for a colourful and challenging threat in a Cthulhu themed adventure at some point.

Since I have backed quite a few campaigns last year that have now mostly been delivered, I am trying to be disciplined with getting them finished also. Next up in the Kickstarter painting queue are some post-apocalyptic types, while for my Lovecraftian horror it is probably time to find a few fearless investigators who might save us from the predations of ancient gods.

Cultists of the Kraken Lord

I took part in Midlam Miniatures’ Kickstarter for the Cultists of the Kraken Lord since they were the perfect fit for my casual collection of Lovecraftian grotesques. Are they humans wearing masks, mutants, crossbreeds, an ancient race from the deep or travellers from a plane beyond consciousness? Nobody knows for sure, and if they did, such forbidden knowledge would probably have come at the cost of their sanity.

Three humanoid figures in red robes with tentacles in place of faces
The ritual begins

I completed the first half of the cult, going for a classic combination of dark red robes with contrasting green tentacles. The figures are fun to paint, and quick to achieve effective results with.

Two figures with tentacles for faces and wearing red robes in front of a stone wall
The cultists don’t look kindly on intruders

Prowling Pack of Ghouls

The other day I completed the remaining figures from Heresy Miniatures’ Ghoul Tribe, sculpted by Paul Muller. I’d originally bought them just because they are such characterful sculpts, then started painting them as part of a long term project to collect a range of creatures fitting into Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.

I’ve also since read Brian McNaughton’s The Throne of Bones, following a recommendation by Somet. He wasn’t kidding when he said it makes for ‘often uncomfortable’ reading, but it indeed provides many intriguing layers to the background of ghouls that most fantasy settings would rarely venture into.

Two snarling ghouls, holding a heart and a severed head and sickle respectively
Ghouls with packed lunch
Two ghouls, holding a severed leg and cutting open a cadaver respectively
Ghouls preparing dinner
One ghoul with a meat cleaver, a second ghoul on all fours, ready to jump
Ghouls feeling peckish
A pack of seven ghouls in a ruined city scape
Ghouls out hunting in the derelict part of town