We Are Legion

I completed the second half of my latest regiment of Skeleton Warriors for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, bringing it to six ranks deep. The figures are again kitbashes using parts from three different generations of plastic Citadel models. For the shields I used some ornamental bosses this time to add further variety.

Fifteen skeletons in three ranks with shields and handweapons
Newly risen skeletal warriors on the charge

Having completed a third regiment to use with Warhammer 8th Edition in addition to the two units in my 3rd Edition army, I thought it would be imposing to bring them all together in one large skeletal horde.

Line of skeletal warriors advancing across rough ground
The dead surge forward under black banners
Skeleton warriors formed in deep ranks
An endless tide of vengeful dead
Close up view of skeleton warriors marching under a black banner hung with skull trophies
The dead reap a grim harvest

There are still some scythe and pole armed skeletons to paint in my Oldhammer collection, so their ranks are set to grow further over time. For the dead shall walk the earth.

View down onto dense ranks and files of skeleton warriors
The skeletal horde sweeps away all life in its path

21 thoughts on “We Are Legion”

  1. Nothing quite as nice as the original 1988 plastic skeleton army box set from GW which contents 30 skeleton warriors, 8 skeleton cavalry, and a skeleton chariot. I still have most of mine plus the box which I love the cover art on! :)


    1. What a classic, well ahead of its time in terms of sculpt and production quality in my opinion. The figures are still serving me well across my undead armies. Unfortunately I don’t have the box, I think I got mine all later when they were individually packaged or maybe traded/bought them off a friend back then.

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  2. A sublime sight! I remember when you started the project almost 20 years ago. Legions of dead, a dream come true I suppose – just by working slowly but steadily. And the different generations blend well together indeed.


    1. The wind of Shyish was blowing strong back then, I remember the undead rising in your dark chambers as well. What are a mere 20 years to those who have mastered the art of necromancy?


    1. Cheers, I was glad to see that they all look coherent in a single horde despite having been painted over a long period (and without really ever planning on fielding them together).


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