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Salute 2018 – Sci-Fi

Salute 2018 wargaming convention has come and gone in a flash. The trend of fewer large independent display tables and more company run demo and participation games is continuing, and there was a noticeable increase in open floor space, presumably also due to the ongoing consolidation of gaming franchises.

4Ground’s presence is growing year on year, and they had many tables on display for the variety of settings they now support with their terrain. In this year of Star Wars Legion, the biggest was a proof of concept for a star ship hangar bay with particularly shiny floors.

Hangar bay with black floor, stormtroopers, AT-ST and TIE fighter
Star Wars Legion by 4Ground
Imperial landing craft in hangar bay
Star Wars Legion by 4Ground

There were also some lovely mechs and a gaming table for use with Fallout on show.

Battle mech standing next to a hangar building
Battle mech hangar by 4Ground
Containers and ramshackle walkways in a wasteland
Fallout by 4Ground

Wild West Exodus was also being presented on a large stand this year, and some very original and elaborate demo tables were showcasing this growing games system.

Inside of a tech facility with red growing tubes
Wild West Exodus
Rugged mountainside with arachnid blue monsters
Wild West Exodus

The South London Warlords staged the Dr Who based Invasion Earth including two life sized Daleks.

Two life sized Daleks
Dr Who by South London Warlords
Industrial loading bay with crane and the tardis
Dr Who by South London Warlords

Anvil Industry brought some nice demo tables for Afterlife, including a backlit tech compound.

Top down view of a green illuminated floor reminiscent of computer circuits
Afterlife by Anvil Industry
Armoured fighting vehicles amongst industrial terrain
Afterlife by Anvil Industry

My local gaming store Dark Sphere had set up a gazebo to play games of Star Wars Legion and Necromunda in the dark, illuminated only by special effects on the boards themselves.

Industrial terrain illuminated by internal LED lights and in billowing smoke
Necromunda by Dark Sphere

Various other gaming companies and clubs had brought their demo gaming tables along, below a selection of my snapshots.

Compound under attack by Necrons in ice crystal landscape
Mad Gaming Terrain
Post-apocalyptic industrial scenery
Collision by Code Orange Games
Colourful multi story sci-fi terrain
Thunder Chrome printable scenery
Wasteland board and character sheets
Gunny Pets by Bad Squiddo Games
Wasteland with car wrecks and mutants
Demolition Derby for 7TV by Crooked Dice
Chinatown scenery with a stompy robot
It’s Not Easy Being Green for 7TV by Crooked Dice
Desert terrain with buildings and a fortification
Infinity with Plast Craft terrain
Fleets of space ships on a star mat
Red Alert by PSC Games

Salute 2017 – Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi games at Salute 2017 had a strong showing, but many of the demonstration tables were run by the respective game manufacturers for consecutive years now so I skipped photographing all of them (and spent more time buying shiny new things).

Since I am now collecting and painting Infinity, I was particularly excited about the following two tables. I hope I have the credits right for the first, but unfortunately I don’t know who created the second.

Brightly colour futuristic buildings and a maglev train
Infinity: Operation Free Nippon by Red Knight Wargames
Street view with cars, planters and advertising boards
Infinity: Operation Free Nippon by Red Knight Wargames
A small news kiosk
Infinity: Operation Free Nippon by Red Knight Wargames

A nice mixture of old and new on this smaller table, something I want to try with my own fledgling terrain collection for Infinity.

Cityscape of 19th century buildings with neon advertisement boards

The South London Warlords piled several thousand pounds worth of lovingly painted Forgeworld resin onto this large table for Warhammer 30k, depicting a battle of the civil war on Mars. I didn’t get to see this display last year, so I was glad to catch it now, after it did an extensive round through the UK wargaming show circle – and even the V&A Museum!

Tanks and fliers in a shattered city
Warhammer 40k – Horus Heresy Civil War by Brotherhood of Mars
Tanks and robots in a red desert landscape
Warhammer 40k – Horus Heresy Civil War by Brotherhood of Mars
A titanic war walker amongst smaller walkers, infantry and tanks
Warhammer 40k – Horus Heresy Civil War by Brotherhood of Mars

Star Wars has a steady presence at Salute now, and there were several participation games of X-Wing in progress.

Fighter space craft on a star background
Star Wars X-Wing by Ilford Wargames Group
Large space ships against a stellar nebula
Star Wars X-Wing by Gravesend Gamers Guild

Dark Sphere went a step further and constructed a three tiered table with glass panes to refight the attack on Scarif from Rogue One.

A tower rising up from a small island, surrounded by space fighter craft
Star Wars X-Wing by Dark Sphere

The Drowned Earth made their first showing at Salute. Their Kickstarter is already well funded and I am looking forward to seeing more of this very original looking system.

Jungle terrain with a crashed space craft and large dinosaur
The Drowned Earth
A hunter with a bow on overgrown walkways
The Drowned Earth

Fenris Descending by the Maidstone Wargames Society and Germy was another very original looking game out of left field. All terrain and models for this game were scratch built from household materials, plastic and electronics parts.

Dozens of crab like robots advancing on a shantytown
Fenris Descending by Maidstone Wargames Society

As usual there were plenty more smaller tables and participation games to look and and get stuck in with, here just a sample of those I managed to catch.

Futuristic generators in a desert with infantry and drones
Beyond the Gates of Antares
Armed stock cars racing around a circuit
Devil’s Run: Route 666 by G3 Gamers
Interior of a tech facility within an industrial compound
XCom – Rise of the Resistance by Blockbuster Games

Salute 2015 – Sci-Fi

Dropzone Commander and Star Wars dominated visions of the future (or respectively the past, but far, far away) at Salute 2015.

Beasts of War ran a participation game recreating the Battle of Hoth with custom rules and pre-made models.

Squadrons of snowspeeders attack the Imperial walkers
Squadrons of snowspeeders are trying to stop the Imperial walkers
AT-AT walkers are advancing towards the rebel base
AT-ATs advancing onto the rebel base
The Millennium Falcon in the hangar bay
Carlos Spicywiener’s ride sitting in the hangar

Meanwhile, Chelmsford Bunker ran a game of X-Wing to blow up the Death Star.

X-Wings and Tie Fighters battle above the surface of the Death Star
Explosions pockmark the surface of the Death Star as the fighters dive into the trench

Hawk Wargames brought the now finished UCMS Avenger to their sales stand and had created one of the biggest battle dioramas of the day.

Model of an orbital dropship for Dropzone Commander
Orbital dropship in 10mm scale
Lighting effects in the dropship's propulsion drives
Propulsion is throttled before releasing the attack craft
Schematics showing technical details of the UCMS Avenger
The display included schematics showing technical details of the UCMS Avenger
A large battle diorama for Dropzone Commander set in a grey ash wasteland
Leaving the city behind for a good scrap in the ash wastes
A bomber aircraft emerges from an underground hangar amidst infantry forces
A bomber emerges from an underground hangar
Terrain for Dropzone Commander by 4Ground
4Ground has added terrain for the game to their range

Matlock Wargames Club hosted Rick Priestley and his Beyond the Gates of Antares project.

Gaming board for beyond the Gates of Antares
A skirmish is about to break out
Miniatures and dice making up one of the factions in the game
A small force with command dice

Prodos Games ran some participation games for their upcoming Alien v Predator.

An Alien horde rushing towards a group of Predators on a jungle pyramid
A horde of Aliens rushes towards the Predators
Colonials fighting Aliens in an outpost
Colonials are desperately fighting off an Alien ambush

Spartan Games offered demonstrations of Halo Fleet Battles and Firestorm Planetfall.

Halo Fleet Battles by Spartan Games
Halo Fleet Battles by Spartan Games
Firestorm Planetfall by Spartan Games
Firestorm Planetfall by Spartan Games

There were a range of other games on display showcasing the variety of sci-fi themes.

Custom built Battlestar Galactica models in battle
Custom built Battlestar Galactica models by Mechworld Development Group using Full Thrust rules
Underwater base and submarines from the Stingray universe
1960s torpedo-fest Stingray by South London Warlords
Futuristic soldiers fighting in a jungle environment
Possibly a game of Warzone Resurrection, but I’m not an expert
A futuristic multi-storey building
Utopian architecture in Anvil Industry’s Afterlife
Soldiers fighting over a base at a dam
The Afterlife is more gritty outside at the hydro dam
A skirmish amongst a ruined cityscape
Humvees, black vans and armoured giants with swords in this alarming vision of our future
A damaged church building and roaming monsters on the streets
An appealing looking skirmish game with monsters in the modern era, but there are too many TBAs in this year’s Salute show guide to figure out what this was
An urban setting for a zombie apocalypse game
Zombies attack in Bullets and Brains by East Street Games
The Arkham Asylum compound
Arkham Asylum is requesting a house call from Batman