Oldhammer Armies – Dark Elves

My Oldhammer army of the Dark Elves for Warhammer 3rd Edition is completed. I think I managed to include a good cross section of troop types in the 1,500 points that will make the army interesting to field while looking good doing so.

Bird's eye view of a Dark Elf army lined up
A host of Naggaroth marches to war

The core regiments consist of a large block of armoured warriors with swords and shields, two sections of crossbowmen and some Witch Elves and Doomdrakes for hard hitting but fragile close combat power.

Dark Elf warriors in chainmail with purple and black livery
The rank and file of the Dark Elves under their gruesome banner
Two units of Dark Elves carrying crossbows
The wicked crossbow is the Dark Elves’ favourite weapon
Ten frenzied female Dark Elves wielding sharp blades
The Witch Elves spill blood for the Lord of Murder
Five Dark Elves riding giant lizards
Dark Elf knights spur their cold blooded mounts into battle

The characters in the army are a Death Dealer as its general, a Death-hood sorcerer and a Goredirker assassin.

Side view of a Dark Elf lord wearing a skin cape and carrying an owl
The leader of the Dark Elves revels in ostentatious cruelty
Dark Elf sorcerer holding a magical amulet
The sorcerer directs evil energies towards his foes
Crouching Dark Elf wielding a sabre and dagger
The assassin seeks out his prey amongst the opposing army

A repeating bolt thrower will pepper the ranks of the enemy with steel tipped death, while the Jabberwock with its poisoned attacks and regenerative powers should strike fear into all enemies, assuming it doesn’t get bogged down by its stupidity.

Two Dark Elves manning a bolt thrower with a magazine of projectiles
The repeating bolt thrower sows quick death amongst the ranks of the enemy
A green skinned Jabberwock with purple wings
The Jabberwock has been bound to the Dark Elves’ service

Following the Forces of Undeath from 2015, at this rate I might still make it through all of the content in Warhammer Armies, assuming I can achieve a timely demise. The most likely candidates for next finished force are the Orcs & Goblins, so expect to see some updates on them in due course.

38 thoughts on “Oldhammer Armies – Dark Elves”

    1. Thank you! Still a rare achievement for me, though I should be able to get a few more forces across different systems to that state throughout the year. Painting bits and pieces for multiple armies across decades will eventually pay off…

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  1. Amazing, well done on getting them finished (and it goes without saying they look outstanding). I’ve got a real thing for WHFB at the moment and this isn’t helping! Looking forward to seeing those orcs and gobbos :-)

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    1. Cheers! I am in a Fantasy Battle mood myself right now so I am working on some goblins. Unfortunately there always seem to be twice as many to paint as one would have thought.

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    2. Aye, that’s always the way with goblins, I found that when I started working on my own (very stalled currently) Night Goblin army. No matter how many you paint you still seem to need a few hundred more. At least they’re quick and easy to paint (individually at least). Just sorting out a bunch of stuff and discovered that, if I buy the new Start Collecting box with the dwarves in it, stick them on square bases and add them to what I already own I’ve got a 2000 point dwarf army. Tempting… Veeeerrrryyy tempting…

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    3. After this comment, I felt like getting my own WIP Night Goblins out. On top of the Oldhammer goblins and Saga goblins I should be working on… Luckily I don’t have the space available right now so have to limit my hobby activities.

      Have you bought the dwarfs yet? 2,000 points is such a nice round number ;)

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    4. So far I’ve restrained myself because I’m right in the middle of moving house and hobby time/space is at a premium for me too. It’s pretty much inevitable though – that box really is a “who’s who” of all the newer Dwarf miniatures that I was tempted by towards the end of WHFB, and having a 2000 point goal to aim for should give me the push to actually get the project painted up at last. I did however find a very old dwarf cannon (with crew!) whilst going through some boxes which was a mighty result I can tell you!

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    1. Glad you are enjoying them. It is good fun working on these classic sculpts, and browsing through old catalogues and books. It’s where it all started for me.

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  2. Congratulations on completing an army!

    Are there enough Pygmy models in existence to make an army of them? Actually, now I think about it, they might only have been an ally selection for the Slann in Warhammer Armies.

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    1. Thank you! I think there were only ever a handful of pygmy sculpts, and those that remain will sell for very high prices now. They were either mercenaries or allies in WH Armies I believe. If I was to do a human tribal contingent for Slann or Lizardmen I would probably use the Wargames Foundry Congo range.

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    1. Thanks, it is a bit of a mix of figures in there but I now also have an intact version of the standard bearer so I might at some point use it for a second unit.

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  3. Love these! I’m working on some Dark Elves as well but not as OG as these! I think I have some swordsmen but not enough to fill up an entire army like you did! These look super great and nostalgic!


    1. Thank you! I like the newer generation sculpts as well but never got around to collecting them as an army. Got some Corsairs I’m thinking of using for Saga AoM.


  4. Nice looking army, I also plan to use some of my 3rd edition dark elves for SAGA AoM. It seems to be very difficult to put together a regiment of 15 swordsmen if you only use the Bob Naismith sculpts from 3rd edition as there are just not enough poses, plus the figures are hard to find. The alternatives seem to be to use the Mengil Manhides from 2nd edition WFB as regular warriors as you did or use the later Marauder figures. Seems strange that they did not include the Mengil Manhide troops in 3rd edition, I guess they came back around 6th edition.


    1. The Manhide infantry is probably easiest to find out there, though some of the castings are not good quality. They seem to have spun those moulds till they fell apart.


  5. Yes I found that also. Do use your Manhide infantry as per the Regiment of Renown rules from 2nd edition or just as regular warriors in 3rd edition?


    1. I am using them as normal warriors, as I want to have a generic starting army representing the race in question that I can develop my own background for. I rarely use unique regiments or character models for that reason, though using something with unusual rules in specific games can always be fun of course. Also, I haven’t actually fielded this force in any battle yet.


  6. Thanks. When you do field them please post a battle report. My motivation to first start collecting Dark Elves back in the early 1990s was to add an allied contingent to my Undead forces that seemed to need some better quality troops in 3rd edition WFB. I am not sure when my Dark Elf contingent will get its next outing or with which rules system: iSAGA AoM game, WFB, KoW or some other rule system. I did use some of my more recent (4th and 6th Ed.) Dark Elf figures about 4 years ago in a KoW game.


    1. I’ve been thinking of using some of my Undead with the Dark Elves and have their sorcerer dabble in necromancy. That’s probably also how I’ll explain their presence in the Old World as I develop my campaign setting. For the moment I am concentrating on Orcs & Goblins and Dwarfs though since those are the armies I want to get finished next.


  7. Those long old faces are simply marvellous, and I like that your muted, inky style of painting leans into the character of the models without trying to modernise them. Lovely looking force.


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