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Breach and Clear

I haven’t been painting for Infinity in a while, but I have been preparing for it. When Battle Systems’ Sci-Fi II terrain came to Kickstarter, I went in for the Galactic pledge to be able to build some nice indoor terrain to fight (and take photos) in.

I’ve received my sets now and put a couple of pieces together to take shots of the Mobile Brigada I painted for my Nomads some months back.

Soldier in a heavy read armoured suit and helmet in a futuristic interior with other riflemen in the background
The Mobile Brigada leads the way

I had painted the bases for my Infinity figures in a plain, concrete grey originally, as I was planning on a cityscape setting for most games. Now I am considering putting them on the clear plastic bases I also used for my Conan set.

Back view of the Mobile Brigada with support systems
The heavy combat suit is stuffed full of advanced technology
Side view of Mobile Brigada with bulky black rifle in right hand
Combined Multi Rifle and Light Flamethrower for room clearance
Helmet of the Mobile Brigada with three white stripes across one side
Individualised helmet markings identify the wearer of the suit





Soldiers of Fortune

I bought into Infinity last year, ordering the USAriadna and Operation Icestorm starter sets through Corvus Belli’s GenCon special offer. With Operation Red Veil now en route as well (and the Onyx Contact Force already on the shelf too), it’s time to get some troops painted for the battlefield.

The style of these sculpts is quite a departure from the far chunkier models I usually work on, but the details are so crisp that it is easy to pick them out with highlighting and washes. I was never going to emulate Ángel Giráldez, so I am keeping things simple and achievable.

Infinity Nomads Corregidor Alguacil with combi rifle advancing
An Alguacil with combi rifle at the ready

I had prepared all figures from the box set a while ago by applying the base colours, so I managed to finish the three Alguaciles in two evening sessions.

Infinity Nomads Corregidor Alguacil with combi rifle aiming
Taking aim and bracing for recoil

Corregidor lends itself to a more grimy and dark look, so I followed Corvus Belli’s basic colour choices. I lifted the red armour up a bit further into orange to compensate for the darker black and lack of lighting effects.

Infinity Nomads Corregidor Alguacil with combi rifle spotting
Target prioritisation

I like the cyberpunk aesthetic of these models, and bought matching scenery at this year’s Salute from Plast Craft. More of that in future Infinity project updates.

Infinity Nomads Corregidor Alguaciles with combi rifles
A squad of Alguaciles on a mercenary mission in the seedier parts of town