Ruff in the Jungle

A second infantry squad and missile launcher team complete my platoon of Catachan Jungle Fighters for Warhammer 40k. I am aiming for a detachment size force of 500 points at the moment, so there’s a fire support squad, a trio of Ogryns and the Captain still to come.

Three units of Catachan soldiers in a jungle environment
A Catachan platoon advances through dense jungle

The missile launcher team features the metal sculpts but I used a new plastic tube as the original had been utilised for a different project. One of the squads also includes a plastic trooper that I put together from the command sprue as I was a metal figure short. His head is smaller than the others but otherwise he fits in reasonably well.

Two man team with missile launcher on bipod
Missile launchers are mobile and tactically flexible
Squad of soldiers in action
Catachans make ferocious fighters
Trooper with a flamethrower and Sergeant with chainsword and bolt pistol
With fire and sword








12 thoughts on “Ruff in the Jungle”

    1. I felt like working on these guys after the Mordians and Praetorians, giving such a great idea of the diversity of planets and cultures that make up the Imperium.


    1. Yes, they need some suitable opponent to go up against in the jungle. Not sure what a good Predator equivalent would be in 40k – I was thinking of some larger Tyranid critter, like a Lictor.

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