There’s a New Boss in Goblin Town

Knightmare Miniatures recently ran a Kickstarter to expand their mostly Kev Adams sculpted Greenskin Wars range. I used that opportunity to pick up the new Doom Goblins and a few more wolf riders and feral goblins.

Alongside the four goblin warriors that I am still working on, the Doom Goblins received a new leader in the shape of this big bruiser carrying a massive morning star. Might makes right in goblin society, so there wasn’t much discussion regarding his role amongst the expanding tribe.

Goblin in a dark blue hood holding a double handed mace
You wanted to see my resume?

I think Kev Adams is doing some of his best work at the moment with this range so I really need to catch up with my painting. Also still looking forward to Saga Fantasy, although a generic goblin list would probably not do justice to their variety. Thinking about play testing the Doom Goblins as Saxons.

Back view of goblin leader wearing a brown tattered cloak
There’s going to be some changes around here
Goblin boss, shaman and banner bearer
Now let’s crack on!

14 thoughts on “There’s a New Boss in Goblin Town”

  1. He looks nice and mean! I’m still waiting for my box of greenskin wars goodies to arrive (although I think it should be any day now) – can’t remember if I ordered this chap or not but I’m hoping I did now ;-)

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  2. He’s a bruiser if a goblin for sure. I really like the way you painted his horns – what paints and techniques did you use? It looks more than shading to me, and man I like it.


    1. They came out nicely I agree, giving him the appearance of wearing a crown. The method was pretty simple (all paints Citadel unless noted):

      1. Paint horns in Balor Brown
      2. Apply wash with Seraphim Sepia
      3. Paint lines from the tips downwards with Army Painter Skeleton Bone
      4. Paint shorter lines from the tips downwards with White Scar, staying within the patterns from previous step
      5. Apply a bit of Agrax Earthshade around the base of the horns and within the inner curves for shading

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