Blood Axe Raids Intensifying

Painting progress has been slow for a while but I just managed to finish another Blood Axe Nob for the warlord’s retinue. The sculpt is of Thrugg Bullneck himself, leader of the infamous Space Ork Raiders created by Kev Adams.

Note the rock formations and alien plant life in the background, which were bought from a pet store aquarium section. Buying ready made wargames terrain while watching dogs getting shampooed? A win win situation.

Four Orks in military gear with guns amongst rocky outcrops

Grizzled veterans of many wars

Four Space Orks standing in a circle

Council is held

Salute 2018 – Sci-Fi

Salute 2018 wargaming convention has come and gone in a flash. The trend of fewer large independent display tables and more company run demo and participation games is continuing, and there was a noticeable increase in open floor space, presumably also due to the ongoing consolidation of gaming franchises.

4Ground’s presence is growing year on year, and they had many tables on display for the variety of settings they now support with their terrain. In this year of Star Wars Legion, the biggest was a proof of concept for a star ship hangar bay with particularly shiny floors.

Hangar bay with black floor, stormtroopers, AT-ST and TIE fighter

Star Wars Legion by 4Ground

Imperial landing craft in hangar bay

Star Wars Legion by 4Ground

There were also some lovely mechs and a gaming table for use with Fallout on show.

Battle mech standing next to a hangar building

Battle mech hangar by 4Ground

Containers and ramshackle walkways in a wasteland

Fallout by 4Ground

Wild West Exodus was also being presented on a large stand this year, and some very original and elaborate demo tables were showcasing this growing games system.

Inside of a tech facility with red growing tubes

Wild West Exodus

Rugged mountainside with arachnid blue monsters

Wild West Exodus

The South London Warlords staged the Dr Who based Invasion Earth including two life sized Daleks.

Two life sized Daleks

Dr Who by South London Warlords

Industrial loading bay with crane and the tardis

Dr Who by South London Warlords

Anvil Industry brought some nice demo tables for Afterlife, including a backlit tech compound.

Top down view of a green illuminated floor reminiscent of computer circuits

Afterlife by Anvil Industry

Armoured fighting vehicles amongst industrial terrain

Afterlife by Anvil Industry

My local gaming store Dark Sphere had set up a gazebo to play games of Star Wars Legion and Necromunda in the dark, illuminated only by special effects on the boards themselves.

Industrial terrain illuminated by internal LED lights and in billowing smoke

Necromunda by Dark Sphere

Various other gaming companies and clubs had brought their demo gaming tables along, below a selection of my snapshots.

Compound under attack by Necrons in ice crystal landscape

Mad Gaming Terrain

Post-apocalyptic industrial scenery

Collision by Code Orange Games

Colourful multi story sci-fi terrain

Thunder Chrome printable scenery

Wasteland board and character sheets

Gunny Pets by Bad Squiddo Games

Wasteland with car wrecks and mutants

Demolition Derby for 7TV by Crooked Dice

Chinatown scenery with a stompy robot

It’s Not Easy Being Green for 7TV by Crooked Dice

Desert terrain with buildings and a fortification

Infinity with Plast Craft terrain

Fleets of space ships on a star mat

Red Alert by PSC Games

Ruff in the Jungle

A second infantry squad and missile launcher team complete my platoon of Catachan Jungle Fighters for Warhammer 40k. I am aiming for a detachment size force of 500 points at the moment, so there’s a fire support squad, a trio of Ogryns and the Captain still to come.

Three units of Catachan soldiers in a jungle environment

A Catachan platoon advances through dense jungle

The missile launcher team features the metal sculpts but I used a new plastic tube as the original had been utilised for a different project. One of the squads also includes a plastic trooper that I put together from the command sprue as I was a metal figure short. His head is smaller than the others but otherwise he fits in reasonably well.

Two man team with missile launcher on bipod

Missile launchers are mobile and tactically flexible

Squad of soldiers in action

Catachans make ferocious fighters

Trooper with a flamethrower and Sergeant with chainsword and bolt pistol

With fire and sword








Catachan Command

The plan for my Catachan Jungle Fighters is to have a 500 points force under Warhammer 40k 7th Edition rules. This will be formed around a single infantry platoon, reinforced by a squad of Ogryns and some fire support.

The first unit of infantry I already painted back in 2015, so now it is time to add the platoon command squad. It’s made up of the original metal sculpts, including a lieutenant, two special weapon troopers and a soldier with voxcaster.

Squad of five soldiers in green uniforms and red bandanas amongst jungle plants

Taking the fight into the jungle

Soldier with metal chest armour, wearing black sunglasses, smoking a cigar and holding a heavy rifle with ammo belt

Sunglasses – check. Cigar – check. Badass confirmed.

Two soldiers with laser rifles, one shouting into a radio transmitter

Calling in a fire bombing run

Two soldiers with a flamethrower and a plasma rifle

Plasma and flames will cleanse the undergrowth





Blood Axe Buddies

Still working on my Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader era Blood Axes warband, though Orktober wasn’t enough to finish the retinue of Nobz to accompany the Warboss. The latest addition are two more Bosses, with one carrying a trophy pole.

Green skinned Orks in ragged military gear and carrying a standard of Space Marine helmets

Space Marines make the best souvenirs

Back view of Ork standard bearer

Remnants of past battles

Space Ork Boss with an iron jaw and red beret

A steely jawed veteran of many campaigns







Praetorian Platoon

The infantry platoon for my Warhammer 40k Praetorian Guard is finally complete. With the base colours already in place, I managed to stay focused just long enough on the production line. While I don’t want to paint another pith helmet in a while, I might put together and base coat a second platoon while I’m at it, so I have them ready for the next push.

Ranks of soldiers in red uniform jackets accompanied by a figure in long black coat

A Commissar strengthens the resolve of the troops

Soldiers lined up into four units

An infantry platoon with command section and three squads

Praetoria is a hive world yet their regiments are often associated with actions on more rustic planets. Enter the adobe buildings from 4Ground once again, and some improvised barricades which I believe are from Ziterdes.

Several dozen troops marching in front of adobe buildings with heavy weapons on roofs

Taking up defensive positions

Large groups of soldiers with laser rifles

The pride of Praetoria

Now having an Ork army to field against them would be nice. Unfortunately, only 11 out of 69 models for that army are painted so far – a project for another year.

Ranks of soldiers in red jackets and tropical helmets advancing on two adobe buildings with Orks in the background

Infantry assault on an Ork settlement