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Oldhammer Armies – Dark Elves

My Oldhammer army of the Dark Elves for Warhammer 3rd Edition is completed. I think I managed to include a good cross section of troop types in the 1,500 points that will make the army interesting to field while looking good doing so.

Bird's eye view of a Dark Elf army lined up
A host of Naggaroth marches to war

The core regiments consist of a large block of armoured warriors with swords and shields, two sections of crossbowmen and some Witch Elves and Doomdrakes for hard hitting but fragile close combat power.

Dark Elf warriors in chainmail with purple and black livery
The rank and file of the Dark Elves under their gruesome banner
Two units of Dark Elves carrying crossbows
The wicked crossbow is the Dark Elves’ favourite weapon
Ten frenzied female Dark Elves wielding sharp blades
The Witch Elves spill blood for the Lord of Murder
Five Dark Elves riding giant lizards
Dark Elf knights spur their cold blooded mounts into battle

The characters in the army are a Death Dealer as its general, a Death-hood sorcerer and a Goredirker assassin.

Side view of a Dark Elf lord wearing a skin cape and carrying an owl
The leader of the Dark Elves revels in ostentatious cruelty
Dark Elf sorcerer holding a magical amulet
The sorcerer directs evil energies towards his foes
Crouching Dark Elf wielding a sabre and dagger
The assassin seeks out his prey amongst the opposing army

A repeating bolt thrower will pepper the ranks of the enemy with steel tipped death, while the Jabberwock with its poisoned attacks and regenerative powers should strike fear into all enemies, assuming it doesn’t get bogged down by its stupidity.

Two Dark Elves manning a bolt thrower with a magazine of projectiles
The repeating bolt thrower sows quick death amongst the ranks of the enemy
A green skinned Jabberwock with purple wings
The Jabberwock has been bound to the Dark Elves’ service

Following the Forces of Undeath from 2015, at this rate I might still make it through all of the content in Warhammer Armies, assuming I can achieve a timely demise. The most likely candidates for next finished force are the Orcs & Goblins, so expect to see some updates on them in due course.

Beware the Jabberwock

The final element in my Oldhammer Dark Elves force is a Jabberwock, summoned to do evil deeds by the sorceries of the Death-hood.

It’s a quirky sculpt of a weird monster that I’ve always liked, so I am glad to have found a place for it amongst my armies. I thought the traditional colour scheme would make a good fit for my Dark Elves. Their habit of fielding bound monsters to bolster their ranks is something I gladly subscribed to as well, since the Jabberwock is the points equivalent of another regiment of infantry or cavalry.

Dark Elf Sorcerer and Jabberwock
The sorcerer has bound the monster to his will
Green skinned Jabberwock with spread purple wings
The Jabberwock prowls through the woods
The Jabberwock returns to its lair
Top down view of the Jabberwock next to stone ruins and a pile of skulls

Daughters of Khaine

Edging closer to completion, I painted up the ten Witch Elves in my Oldhammer Dark Elves army for Warhammer 3rd Edition. These are a mixture of slotta and earlier sculpts – the older ones are my favourites in terms of posing, best demonstrating their bloodlust as they throw themselves into battle.

Edit: As Leadballooney pointed out, these make a good addition to his 3rd Fembruary Challenge as well. While these female furies are equipped for battle in realistic armoured gear, the whole range of different regiments in the army actually includes female fighters alongside male ones. Something I really want to see more of, as most of the time they are included in armies only as distinct formations.

Unit of ten female Dark Elves in chainmail
Furious Witch Elves storm ahead of the army
Two ranks of Witch Elves with swords and knives
The witches wield wicked blades

I wanted to keep the overall colour scheme of the force unchanged while also distinguishing them as being part of a specific faction. Therefore I opted for replacing purple with red, which in addition to their more dynamic poses and flowing hair gives them a different vibe to the rest of the regiments.

Five Witch Elves in loose formation
Blood red is the colour of this murderous coven

Drakes of Doom

Progress on my Dark Elves for Warhammer 3rd Edition is slow, something which these Doomdrakes aptly demonstrate. The first of the Cold One riders was finished in 2015, and I just completed the last. There probably won’t be a second rank anytime soon.

Five Dark Elves riding giant lizards in front of a castle
Dark Elf knights leaving their stronghold

Since I am fielding them carrying lances, I converted some of the riders, using the plastic lances from the original Citadel skeleton horsemen. For the shields I decided on particularly sharp edged versions, which suit Dark Elves in any case, envisioning them being used as weapons, slicing limbs off their opponents as they thunder past.

Dark Elves on giant lizards carrying shields, lances and swords
The Cold Ones take up the scent of their prey

This leaves me with ten Witch Elves and a Jabberwock to finish for my modest raiding force of 65 models, equalling 1,500 points in old money.

Bird of Omen Dark and Foul

One of the many gradually growing armies in my collection are the Dark Elves for Warhammer 3rd Edition. I have the majority of the infantry finished (I am aiming for a modest 1500 points), but was still lacking leadership.

I decided on the Champion from Mengil Manhide’s Regiment of Renown as a level 15 Death Dealer, since I always liked the bird of prey he is carrying.

Dark Elves advancing out of a a forest
You don’t have to be superstitious to know that this owl brings bad tidings

To provide contrast to the largely black troopers in the army and in keeping with my overall colour scheme, I chose the Naggarothi Snowy Owl as the general’s hunting bird.

Dark Elf with sword and shield, carrying a white owl on one hand
Oh really, your name is Ean Hawklord?
Back view of Dark Elf with cloak of human skin and owl with outstretched wings
Terror is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of the Dark Elf raiders

I also replaced the leader of one of my crossbow units, since ironically he had been one of the few Dark Elf figures without a crossbow on him. Now a suitably armed warrior has taken over his duties.

Two ranks of Dark Elves aiming crossbows
Fire at my command!