Evil Crossbowmen of the Dark Citadel

I didn’t make much progress with my Oldhammer armies last year, so it is time to revisit some half finished forces and regiments. My Dark Elves for example needed a second unit of ten crossbowmen, all of which had been assembled and prepared when I first worked on the project.

Leading the freshly painted regiment is the Evil Dark Elf Captain from the 1985 Citadel Miniatures BC2 Monsters Starter Set (Stuff of Legends to the rescue again in identifying the sculpt). I like the style of his armour and equipment, only the sword looks more like an orcish cleaver than an elven blade. I’ll work that into his backstory somehow.

Miniature figure of a Dark Elf with black, purple, green and silver armour and clothing

Citadel Miniatures Evil Dark Elf Captain

Most of the troopers are from the Marauder Miniatures 1988 MM70 Dark Elves range.

Three figures of Dark Elves carrying crossbows

Marauder Miniatures Dark Elves with crossbows

Three figures of Dark Elves carrying repeating crossbows with magazines

Marauder Miniatures Dark Elves with crossbows

In proportions and style they fit well with the Citadel Fantasy Regiments Dark Elves – in fact better than most of Citadel’s own metal range, so I have added three to the ranks.

Three Dark Elf miniatures carrying crossbows

Citadel Miniatures Dark Elves with crossbows

Regiment of ten Dark Elves in two ranks armed with crossbows

Regiment of Dark Elf crossbowmen

The Orc Tribes are Gathering

Back in Orctober I continued work on a mob of war boar riders for my Warhammer 3rd Edition Orcs & Goblins. I converted these three years ago already, using the Marauder MB2 infantry models as riders on Citadel war boars.

Now the second rank of five is finished, also completing the continent of the Greedy Maw tribe for my Oldhammer army. Heavily armoured and well equipped with a regiment on foot and the only cavalry in the horde, these are the elite core of the force who have subjugated other tribes and lead them into battle.

Orcs on boars bearing shields with gaping maws full of teeth painted on

Orcs driving their ill-tempered mounts towards the enemy

Orc leader on war boar with a horned skull head plate

The proud owner of a pimped up war boar

Army of Orcs & Goblins in front of a medieval village

With the village sacked, the horde marches on

The Long Riders

It’s been three years since I converted and painted the first Orcs Snorta for my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins. Now that Orctober has come around once again, it was high time to turn this lone rider into a unit.

Five orcs in red scale armour riding on wild boars

The steppe trembles under the hooves of the war boars

The war boars are all Citadel and designed by Goblinmaster Kev Adams. As the hero of the mob I chose a rider by Kev with a suitably impressive helmet.

An orc with a warhammer sitting astride a boar with a skull mask

The leader’s snarl rivals that of his beast

The champion and troopers are from th MB2 Marauder range on Citadel boars. It was an easy conversion job, snipping off the legs under the scale mail and reattaching them against the flanks of the mounts.

An orc wielding two axes riding a war boar

Swinging two axes, the champion urges his mount forward

Two orcs riding boars with axes and shields

The Snortas are the elite warriors of the clan

I have five more riders sitting ready for painting as a second rank to complete the elite contingent of the army. After that, more of the boyz and scores of gobbos!

Five or boar riders and a regiment of orcs on foot in the background

First into the fight

The Fighting Big Uns

The regiment of Big Uns for my Warhammer 3rd Edition Orcs & Goblins is finished. Halfway through a unit of this size I usually run out of steam, but this time I kept steadily at it, while working on some side projects for variety.

Oldhammer Orc Regiment by Marauder Miniatures

Mob of Big Uns marching into battle

I converted the banner pole since it is too large in its original configuration and sticks out way in front of the model. With the overall theme of the unit being “sumwer’ from tha east”, I felt a Nippon style banner wouldn’t look out of place.

Oldhammer Orc Regiment by Marauder Miniatures

Flying the banner of the Greedy Maw

The shield emblems are all variations on the tribe’s motif, the Greedy Maw.

Oldhammer Orc Regiment by Marauder Miniatures

Heavily armed and armoured, clearly the elite of the horde

Two Steps Forward…

I finished another rank of my Marauder Orc regiment which I’ll use as elite Big Uns in Warhammer 3rd.

Oldhammer Orcs with shields by Marauder Miniatures

Another rank of Big Uns takes the field

To add some variety to the shield emblems I’ve painted one of them with just the lower jaw and dripping blood. I quite like the design and it has also given me some ideas in terms of storyline for my horde.

Oldhammer Orc with shield by Marauder Miniatures

Gory shield emblem of the Greedy Maw tribe

To ensure I don’t make too much progress on my Oldhammer Orcs & Goblins project however, I just swapped the standard bearer and musician of my previously finished Arrer Boyz against new models. They have bows slung across their backs, so they are really more appropriate for the job. Only downside, they don’t have any paint on them yet, taking me back to a total count of zero for completed units.

Orc Marauders On the Horizon

The next unit for my Oldhammer Orc & Goblin army I want to finish is the MB2 Orc Regiment by Marauder Miniatures that was released in 1991.

I bought the miniatures off a friend back in the day and they were a mix of his painting and some repaints by me since then – in other words, a mess.

I decided to stick with the colour scheme I chose originally and spruce it up with shades and highlights on the figures I had already repainted. The remaining models I’ll have to paint from scratch.

Oldhammer Orc by Marauder Miniatures

Oldhammer Orc by Marauder Miniatures

After the first test model I got stuck in with the front rank of the regiment. The banner itself will have to wait until the end while I figure out a suitable design.

Oldhammer Orc command group by Marauder Miniatures

Front rank with standard bearer, musician and champion