Warhammer Armies – Tomb Kings

After having revived my Tomb Kings back in 2016, I just completed the first 1,000 points under Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition rules. The core troops of the Tomb Kings offer a range of tactical options, from archers to spearmen and cavalry, so the army should be entertaining to field.

Top down view of army of skeletal warriors in Egyptian style
The Tomb Kings call to war

The Tomb King was the final model I completed, while the Liche Priest is a second hand model that fits well into my paint scheme and only needed re-basing.

Once I had all troops lined up, I found the archers and spearmen to look a bit flat, so I went back over them, adding highlights to shields, weapons and bones. This ties them in better with the cavalry models as well, which were individually highlighted rather than drybrushed.

Mummified lord in bronze armour and sorcerer with staff
Martial might and the necromantic arts combine to lead the army
Undead chariots constructed from bones
A squadron of chariots takes the lead
Skeleton riders on skeletal horses
The royal cavalry gallops to battle
Skeleton spearmen with large blue shields
Spearmen form the backbone of the force
Two groups of skeletons with bows
Two units of archers rain death down on their enemies

There are still a lot more regiments and constructs buried in the sand, waiting to be resurrected to march forth and conquer an eternal empire for my Tomb Kings. Some horse archers and Ushabti might be next, though for now I am going to direct my gaze towards the living. Or maybe the daemonic…

View of the commanders, archers and spearmen in front of a sandstone temple ruin
The infantry wing of the army
Chariots and cavalry advancing next to the spearmen
The cavalry wing of the force

16 thoughts on “Warhammer Armies – Tomb Kings”

  1. kann ich mir schon echt gut vorstellen, dir zuzuhören und nebenbei beim bepinseln zuzuschauen. #meditation



  2. Those are looking great! I must admit I was never a big fan of the tomb kings back in the day but looking at these has me appreciating them anew. Looking forward to seeing those Ushabti when you get to them, even I thought those were damn cool models. :-)

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    1. Cheers, glad I convinced you of their charms. Since I always enjoyed ancient history I immediately bought into the Undead/Egyptian mash-up. I think I will put together some Ushabti and add them into the ever-overflowing paint queue.

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  3. These are so good mate! they could fit in very nicely on the dio I was working on until the move interrupted it, anyway settling now and hopefully i can get back into it!!

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    1. Good to hear you are settling well into your new home. I’m looking forward to seeing your new projects, I think mixing history and fantasy is close to your hobby heart too!

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    2. HA HA ! mate, I said at the start when I got back into doing dios that I wouldn’t do fantasy! well how wrong was I, it must be you fellows that swayed me to venture in that direction and combine the two !!

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  4. Looks excellent, the highlighting really worked and the blue colour ties teh army together. But you must expand: Ushabti , Catapult, Giant, Giant scorpion, swarms and Casket of Souls. They were all great additions to my 6th Ed.Tomb Kings army.


    1. Thank you! There is a lot of potential, they do have some very interesting special units indeed. For now I am working on some Dwarfs though, out to steal their treasure…


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