We Are Legion

I completed the second half of my latest regiment of Skeleton Warriors for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, bringing it to six ranks deep. The figures are again kitbashes using parts from three different generations of plastic Citadel models. For the shields I used some ornamental bosses this time to add further variety.

Fifteen skeletons in three ranks with shields and handweapons

Newly risen skeletal warriors on the charge

Having completed a third regiment to use with Warhammer 8th Edition in addition to the two units in my 3rd Edition army, I thought it would be imposing to bring them all together in one large skeletal horde.

Line of skeletal warriors advancing across rough ground

The dead surge forward under black banners

Skeleton warriors formed in deep ranks

An endless tide of vengeful dead

Close up view of skeleton warriors marching under a black banner hung with skull trophies

The dead reap a grim harvest

There are still some scythe and pole armed skeletons to paint in my Oldhammer collection, so their ranks are set to grow further over time. For the dead shall walk the earth.

View down onto dense ranks and files of skeleton warriors

The skeletal horde sweeps away all life in its path

Bones Brigade

I have a 1,000 points army list for a Necromancer themed Warhammer force using the 8th Edition Vampire Counts book that I am aiming to complete. Rather than painting the Master Necromancer to lead it, I decided to paint up a third regiment of 30 skeletons however that isn’t actually part of the list. Because one can never have enough skeletons. Having just finished the first base of 15, I wanted to record my progress.

I built these some years ago out of a mixture of parts from all three generations of Citadel plastic kits. The majority of parts are from the first set, but I needed to stretch them a bit as I was running out. It does give the unit some nice variety, although in terms of sculpts the originals are my favourites. The second incarnation was too chunky and the weapons too oversized. The newest models are nicely proportioned, but all have a strongly forward leaning combat crouch which is fine to mix things up, but looks strange in a whole regiment of reanimated bone warriors.

Rank and file skeletal warriors marching under a black banner

All shall join the black banner

The plastic banner is very nicely modelled in my opinion, and I stuck with the plain black, no nonsense scheme for it and the shields. The unit champion got the obligatory decapitated head that every leader in the army carries (I believe it is part of the summoning and binding ritual). I did add some blood effect to his sword this time, in a first trial of Army Painter’s Glistening Blood paint. Quite satisfied with the result, which takes one application where previously I would have used two colours and a wash. The musician is a metal sculpt I had left from the previous reorganisation of my undead forces into Oldhammer and Not-so-Oldhammer armies. It was already finished and I just gave the bones a repaint.

Skeletons with swords and shields emerging from a walled graveyard

More undead warriors spill out of the graveyard




Wrath of the Wight King

My plan for Deadcember 2017 had been to complete a Necromancer themed 1,000 point  army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle by adding two new character models for a Wight King and the Master Necromancer himself. For the former I had recently picked up the excellent Wight Lord by Heresy Miniatures which was a perfect fit for the style of the army. Due to a painting slump I only just managed to complete this now however.

Skeletal figure in armour holding sword and decapitated heads in front of ranks for skeleton warriors

Commanding the dead

There isn’t any unnecessary detail on the sculpt and I like its slim silhouette which is well suited to fit into the entirely infantry based army of skeletons, zombies and haggard ghouls. I might add some blood splatter onto the blade later courtesy of the decapitated heads, but right now I am not very happy with my painting so I didn’t want to risk spoiling the miniature in case it went wrong. In general, I am using very few splashes of colour across the army anyway, with red mostly being reserved for the vampires.

As the Master Necromancer I am planning to use the 4th Edition sculpt of Heinrich Kemmler, to date one of my favourite miniatures of all time.

Sometimes They Come Back

Next to my skeletal legions, the rotting cadavers of Zombies are lurching towards the enemy lines, reanimated by the foulest of spells in the grimoires of the masters of necromancy.

Zombies of the Vampire Counts

The recently deceased are marching on

Driven by an insatiable hunger, a horde of Ghouls has also gathered, leaving their dark crypts behind to feast on the fallen of the looming battle.

Ghouls of the Vampire Counts

Ghouls on the hunt for warm flesh

About two thirds my 30 strong Zombie horde consists of the mid-90s Citadel metal models, while the rest including musician and standard bearer were added when the plastic kit was first released. I have another ten assembled and base coated and will complete them eventually for summoning during the fight.

Zombies of the Vampire Counts

The once proud leader of the local militia now craves the brains of his former wards

The Ghouls are also a mix of generations, consisting of Warhammer 4th Edition miniatures and the metal models that preceded the current plastics. They were painted several years apart, the first batch with an orange skin tone that I later highlighted further to blend in with the new arrivals, which were dry brushed heavily over dark brown washes to give a dirty appearance befitting a pack of catacomb dwellers.

Ghouls of the Vampire Counts

Repulsive Ghouls are the most degenerate of the Vampire Counts’ servants

I’m done repainting the bases across the army, so it’s on to the characters next, some of which need finishing off still. Obviously I also have plans to add some new models, like the Corpse Cart, but I’ll try and stay focussed…

Zombies of the Vampire Counts

They are coming to get you

Night of the Hunters

My Vampire Counts can call on packs of beasts to sally out ahead of their shambling main horde and hunt down the enemy’s light troops.

Dire Wolves of the Vampire Counts

Dire Wolves with Doom Wolf pack leader

First to answer the call is a pack of ten Dire Wolves. These are the early Citadel models, consisting of metal heads with the plastic wolf bodies. Two of them are just plain wolves altogether, and the Dire Wolf is the full metal version. They are all just drybrushed, since the idea was to get my undead army finished quickly. That was back in ’98.

Fell Bats of the Vampire Counts

Fell Bats swooping down on their victims

The Fell Bats I had for a long time but never fully painted. I finished them a few years ago after a rare Warhammer battle in which they kept tumbling from their flying stands. Now they have been fitted with pins and small blobs of blue tac to stay in the air.

Varghulf of the Vampire Counts

A monstrous Varghulf on the rampage

The Varghulf is one of the latest additions to my army and the only one in Finecast. It is painted using the same palette as the Fell Bats but with reddish wings to indicate its vampiric origins. It still looks a bit flat overall so I’ll do some more work on its paint job and base once the other tasks for the army are completed.

No Rest For the Wicked

Centuries ago the Iron Baroness ruled her fiefdom with an icy grip, squeezing every last coin from her subjects in taxes. When rumours about witchcraft and foul rituals at her manor began to spread, the serfs finally rose up against her rule and burned down her estate. Trapped inside the dungeons underneath, the Baroness and her two most loyal retainers perished.

That is, until dark magics began to saturate the land and her lingering spirit was unshackled from its tomb, to once again terrorise her former realm. This time, her traitorous subjects would have to pay their duty in blood.

Banshee and Cairn Wraiths

The call of the Banshee spells doom for the living

This Banshee and two Cairn Wraiths by Citadel have been haunting my Warhammer armies of the dead since the late nineties, varyingly as character models or unit of three.