Warhammer Armies – Ghoul Kings

The second of my armies for the undead in Warhammer Fantasy Battle is themed around the Ghoul Kings. It’s another force that has been decades in the making and is utilising figures of various ages.

As their name implies, the Ghoul Kings are followed by a court of ravenous carrion eaters, and other monstrous creatures of darkness flock to their unholy aura. Zombies rise in their wake, recent victims of their raids into the lands of the living.

Units of ghouls and zombies with their vampire masters

Reaping the lands of the living

This army makes for 1,000 points under 8th Edition rules, ready to be combined or mixed with my existing Vampire Counts army should the opportunity arise. The Strigoi Ghoul King is a metal sculpt from the time of an earlier edition, when this type of vampire was first introduced as a distinct faction. The lowlier vampire in his thrall I just painted now, using the plastic rider from the Terrorgheist kit.

Strogoi Ghoul king amidst his minions

The Strigoi Ghoul King commands his minions

Vampire in a unit of ghouls

A vampire leads the ghouls on the hunt

A horde of zombies

Shambling dead follow the necromantic will of their master

I had finished the Varghulf some time back, but took the opportunity to highlight its wing membranes and claws further while also scattering a couple of bones on its base for decoration.

A winged bestial monster

The Varghulf knows only hunger

A swarm of bats next to a Varghulf

Gratuitous bat shot for Mark

It’s a compact little infantry force, well suited for a battle even on a 4×4 gaming table. However, plans are obviously afoot to expand the army to 2,000 points. While using some existing models like more bats and Dire Wolves, the main new addition will be a Terrorgheist and some Crypt Horrors I have yet to build.

Image of the Ghoul Kings army from above

The undead horde sweeps across the field

Zombie Tide

It turned into a bit of a slog towards the end, but I managed to complete my horde of 30 zombies in thrall to the Ghoul Kings for Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Zombie regiment for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

The war dead march again

A dozen of the figures are metals from The Assault Group that I ordered with their Kickstarter in 2017. Five of the sculpts are now available from their store, while the sixth was an exclusive. They will tie in nicely with my fledgling Empire army, hence I painted some of the zombies up in the state colours of Ostermark and Ostland.

Zombies by The Assault Group for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Once proud warriors of the Empire

Zombies by The Assault Group for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Former soldiers of Ostermark

To complete the regiment I dug through my bits box and combined  Citadel plastic zombie heads and arms with bodies from the archers and militia sets. One is using the legs and torso of a Perry Miniatures mercenary, while two do not use any legs since I modelled them to be emerging from the cursed soil of Sylvania.

Zombie conversions for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Dark magic stirs the dead to life

Altogether I have a horde of 60 zombies now for my masters of the necromantic arts to call upon. The upcoming Fireforge zombies are looking pretty nice as well, so I might add another unit of them in future. Maybe something for my Salute 2020 shopping list.

Zombie horde for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

A horde of the walking dead

Zombies for Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Mindless serfs of the Vampire Counts

Tales From the Crypt

I am sticking with the undead forces for Warhammer Fantasy Battle for the time being. Between painting up a horde of zombies I managed to complete a small hunting pack of ten ghouls that I had purchased a while back when dreaming up my Ghoul King’s force.

My existing ghouls consist of the two ranges released in metal in the 90s, while these additions are using the still current plastic set. I never liked them very much but wanted to add variety, and there isn’t much choice in ghouls for mass battle units.

Two ranks of ten ghouls with a walled cemetery in the background

The Ghoul King sends his minions on a hunt

After building them I started to like them a lot better. There are a bunch of faces I am not keen on, but by keeping those to a minimum I am quite happy with the pack now. Some of the bodies needed to be glued at an upward angle as they were leaning forward on their bases far too much (a strange practice Citadel employed on a number of regiments at the time, including their skeletons and flagellants), but other than that I did few adjustments.

A handful of ghouls among tombs

Ghouls pour out from the mausoleums

Three ghouls emerging from mausoleums

The ghouls leave their cemetery with murderous intent

Ex-Townsfolk on the March

I’ve had some figures built for a second 30 strong unit of zombies for a while, which I am aiming to complete as part of my Ghoul King’s retinue.

The first ten are now painted, consisting mainly of figures from the Citadel plastic kit, with a few skeleton parts thrown in to make use of my spares and add variety. I also like the little rat scuttling through the mob.

Two ranks of zombies with crude weapons and pitchforks

Setting out from the village of Sunderland

A loose group of zombies in a medieval town

Animated by dark magic the zombies shamble on

Warhammer Armies – Vampire Counts

I’m using Warhammer Fantasy Battle 8th Edition as a guide for collecting and painting various forces. Going for a modest 1,000 points still turns out to be quite a few models as I want to start with the rank and file of each army, leaving the fancier and more costly elements for later expansions.

The overall largest faction of painted models in my collection are the Vampire Counts. So rather than forming them into one army I decided to split them into themed sub-factions with the intention of sharing little to no models between them.

The first faction I am considering finished is a force led by a Vampire Count. Himself armed with two sharp blades to revel in carnage, the mundane task of raising and maintaining his undead horde falls to a Necromancer in his service.

Regiments of undead creatures emerging from a destroyed town

The Vampire Lord reclaims his domain

The skeleton regiments are built from three generations of plastic sets with some extra bits taken from Chaos Marauders. The zombies are a mixture of Citadel metal and plastic figures.

A regiment of skeletal warriors carrying heads and skulls as trophies

All resistance was swiftly cut off

A regiment of skeletal warriors marching under a black banner

There is no stopping the march of the dead

A horde of zombies wielding crude weapons

Defeated foes soon swell the ranks of the undead

The Vampire Lord is the metal sculpt of Konrad von Carstein, while the Necromancer is the newer plastic kit.

Vampire in blood red armour armed with two swords

The Vampire Lord savours his success

A scruffy looking necromancer in black robes

The Necromancer does his master’s bidding

The hunting beasts that have followed the call of their vampiric master are the early plastic wolves with some metal add-ons, a swarm of bats and a flock of giant Fell Bats.

A pack of grey snarling wolves amongst ruins

Dire Wolves haunt the shattered town

A swarm of black bats

Bats flock from the city’s catacombs

Arial view of giant bats swooping over a graveyard

Fell Bats emerge from between the graves

The other two factions I am working on are Ghoul Kings (ghouls, zombies and monsters) and Necromancers (massed ranks of zombies and skeletons). Once they are all assembled, the Old World will tremble before the armies of the dead!

We Are Legion

I completed the second half of my latest regiment of Skeleton Warriors for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, bringing it to six ranks deep. The figures are again kitbashes using parts from three different generations of plastic Citadel models. For the shields I used some ornamental bosses this time to add further variety.

Fifteen skeletons in three ranks with shields and handweapons

Newly risen skeletal warriors on the charge

Having completed a third regiment to use with Warhammer 8th Edition in addition to the two units in my 3rd Edition army, I thought it would be imposing to bring them all together in one large skeletal horde.

Line of skeletal warriors advancing across rough ground

The dead surge forward under black banners

Skeleton warriors formed in deep ranks

An endless tide of vengeful dead

Close up view of skeleton warriors marching under a black banner hung with skull trophies

The dead reap a grim harvest

There are still some scythe and pole armed skeletons to paint in my Oldhammer collection, so their ranks are set to grow further over time. For the dead shall walk the earth.

View down onto dense ranks and files of skeleton warriors

The skeletal horde sweeps away all life in its path