The Warboss is Dead…

…long live the Warboss!

With the power of the Waaagh still coursing strong through my veins, I managed to complete another of my Night Goblin characters for Warhammer.

This time it’s the second of my Warbosses, who usually serves as the lieutenant to my general. Since my general fell in the last battle however, it is probably time for him to step up to command the horde – assuming he can quell any challenges to his leadership.

Nikzog ‘da Hook’ Gobcutta is a brooding character and not even the sight of a Dwarf having his legs bitten off by a cave squig can bring a smile to his face. Maybe the ancient crown on his head which he swiped from a tomb chamber in an abandoned labyrinth of caves in the southern Worlds Edge Mountains weighs heavy on his spirit…

Night Goblin Warboss

Night Goblin Warboss Nikzog ‘da Hook’ Gobcutta

Night Goblin Warboss

Nikzog keeps the skulls of his challengers as mementos

Night Goblin Warboss

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry

A Night Goblin Big Boss Rises

Last weekend I fielded my Night Goblin horde against the Dwarfs in a Warhammer battle. The greenskins emerged victorious after an unexpected turnaround in the central fight between a large mob of spear armed gobbos with the Warboss and Battle Standard Bearer against two units of Ironbreakers and Miners, when at the crucial and final moment reinforcements managed to charge from both flanks into the stunties.

My hero/villain of the game was a Night Goblin Big Boss armed with two hand weapons who was embroiled in a lengthy battle against a unit of Troll Slayers. He fought in three challenges and managed to slay all his opponents – two Giant Slayers and a Dragon Slayer!

Hence, Snikskit Stuntyslasha emerged from the tide of black and green with a name, reputation and shiny new paint job for himself. Armed with his twin blades ‘Dica’ and ‘Slica’, Snikskit is the chief executioner of his horde – and boy, does he hate those Dwarfs!

Night Goblin Big Boss

Night Goblin Big Boss Snikskit Stuntyslasha

Night Goblin Big Boss

Snikskit and his trophy collection

Night Goblin Big Boss

Snikskit keeps his favourite enemies’ skulls as lucky charms