Welcome to Mordgrave

This week will see me dusting off my copy of Frostgrave to finally have a game. A mate and I are planning on getting a campaign going, hopefully recruiting along the way.

Rather than setting the story in Felstad, we’ll be drawing on the background of the Old World however, so it is more akin to Mordheim with wizards and various fantasy races. As gangs, I am therefore drawing on my existing Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies without having to paint everything from scratch. For the first gaming session I put together Night Goblins, Dwarfs and Undead, only needing to finish painting a shaman and warrior of their respective armies which had been long overdue anyway.

Goblin in black robes wielding a staff facing off against Dwarf with shield and hammer
Old enemies clash

While there are no different racial characteristics and stats in Frostgrave, I selected the war bands to reflect some of their archetypes. The Dwarfs are fewer in numbers but with better equipment and stats due to their troop types.

Group of six Dwarfs in a medieval city
Enchanter, Apprentice, Marksman, Knight, Man-at-Arms and Thug

For the Night Goblins I am mainly using the Kev Adams sculpts by Knightmare Miniatures, reinforced by some Citadel figures from my Warhammer Fantasy Battle army.

Band of Goblins amidst medieval houses
Witch, Apprentice, Infantryman, Man-at-Arms, War Hound, Archers and Thugs

The Undead are raised from my Warhammer 3rd Edition forces, with zombies representing thugs and skeletons other troop types.

Skeletons, zombies and wizards on a cobblestoned street
Necromancer, Apprentice, Men-at-Arms, Infantrymen and Thugs

How these work as gangs in Frostgrave, we’ll find out. A drawback of using “soldiers” from other armies is the lack of figures representing certain character classes like thieves, but with a bit of artistic licence and kit bashing I could add them where needed. In any case I would want to stick with classes to fit a certain fantasy race, and where that is the case, miniatures will also be easier to find.

24 thoughts on “Welcome to Mordgrave”

  1. I like what you’re doing here. I’ve also got a copy of Frostgave that I’ve never used and a solid collection of WHFB-and-friends models. Please do keep us updated on how it all works out.

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    1. It was the intention behind purchasing many of the lighter rules sets (mostly Osprey) to find alternative uses for the armies I already have. I’ll try and take some in-game photos and provide our impressions of the games as we delve into Frostgrave.

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  2. Brilliant mate – great idea to represent racial characteristics by restricting warband class types! I suspect you’re going to have a lot of fun with FG :-)

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    1. Thanks, had a lot of fun with the first game, although my Undead got totally overrun by the Night Goblins! I’ll need to add some cheaper troop types to some of the gangs I have been contemplating.

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    2. I did think that the dwarfs might struggle on that score… you need cheep bodies to cart off all that treasure!


  3. Oh this looks wonderful! Love the Mordgrave approach — that is my preferred lens for Frostgrave as well!


    1. Thank you! I have been collecting the 4Ground buildings and other bits of terrain for a long while to put such a gaming table together. Rather than just a single city setting, I intend to carve out an area of the Old World around Ostermark where these clashes occur, so want to have wilderness settings too.

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  4. I love the goblin shaman and the dwarf is really crisp classic colours. I’m sure the wizard in your undead lineup came from a 3rd (maybe even 2nd?) ed. orc box: Mighty ugezods death commandos (I only know that as it was one of my first purchases). Total trip down memory lane.


    1. Cheers! Yes, that Necromancer is originally an Orc Shaman by Nick Lund. I bought that box set back in 3rd Edition days and never really knew what to do with the figure, until I started my Oldhammer Undead army and realised he really looks like a dark and morbid Gandalf.

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  5. Thanks for being such a great host, i thoroughly enjoyed it. I played an rpg session afterwards and i kept rolling natural 20s like my life depended on it. What can i say, the dice gods were with me that day. I’m looking forward to starting the campaign :->


    1. It was a blast (quite literally thanks to your bloody shamans!). I am glad to hear your luck persisted and you survived the final session of your D&D campaign. I reshuffled the Dwarfs and picked out some Dark Elves today to paint. Next up will be the Wood Elves after that!


    1. My plan to gradually buy & build 4Ground houses has come to fruition, mixed with some scatter terrain picked up over the years and the gothic ruins from Pegasus Hobbies. Got more of those to construct and just received my Mantic Terrain Crate Kickstarter, so I believe I am all set for skirmishing.

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    1. Nice, I am always tempted to build a few gangs specifically for Mordheim again as well. Maybe I’ll fire up the game on PS4, that was a big motivator last time around, just stalking through the ruined city. Looking forward to seeing your building and gaming in the City of the Damned!


    2. I used my last Mordheim/Frostgrave phase to buy enough 4Ground houses for a table but fell short of painting up the Warhammer fortress as city walls. The gatehouse at least is done as a proof of concept.


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