Salute 2017 – Fantasy & Weird

There was a distinct lack of epic Fantasy action at Salute this year, so I am combining the category with anything ‘weird’, like Lovecraftian horror and… other things.

The Sons of Simon de Montfort ran a skirmish game based loosely on Animal Farm, using the animated movie from 1954 as a guide for their scratch built terrain.

Farm buildings with anthropomorphic animals carrying swords

Animal Farm by Sons of Simon de Montfort

Farmland and buildings with skirmishing miniatures

Animal Farm by Sons of Simon de Montfort

Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club hosted a Jurassic Park inspired participation game with suitable special effects.

Helicopter in front of Jurassic Park entry gate

Cretaceous Camp by Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club

Military installation in a jungle with roaming dinosaurs

Cretaceous Camp by Bexley Reapers Wargaming Club at Salute 2017

Mierce Miniatures showcased Darklands on some very nice terrain.

View from behind classical pillars onto a green landscape and stone bridge

Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

Troll monsters fighting against spear armed humans

Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

Dark stone portal and white marble weathered pillar

Darklands by Mierce Miniatures

Modiphius Entertainment led the fight against the Great Old Ones in Achtung! Cthulhu, while Legion Wargames Club ran a demonstration game for Paranoid Miniature’s Mythos.

Firefight inside an industrial facility

Achtung! Cthulhu by Modiphius Entertainment

Pulp World War 2 soldiers and monsters

Achtung! Cthulhu by Modiphius Entertainment

Small 1920s American townscape

Mythos by Legion Wargames Club

Large beastman, giant snake and human figures on a cobblestone square

Mythos by Legion Wargames Club

Osprey Games themselves presented Dragon Rampant in Frostgrave, pitching a large warband of barbarians against a tribe of gnolls, while Chesterfield Open Games Society took the wizards and their gangs into a ruined city and deep dungeons.

Large wargames table with grassland, river and ruins

Dragon Rampant in Frostgrave by Osprey Games

Paved road across green fields with marauding bands of barbarians and gnolls

Dragon Rampant in Frostgrave by Osprey Games

Medieval city streets under snow with adventurers and undead

Frostgrave by Chesterfield Open Gaming Society

Large stone walled dungeon

Frostgrave by Chesterfield Open Gaming Society

The remainder was a collection of smaller tables for a multitude of skirmish level games. Of course there were more, but some I covered in previous years, missed, skipped or only took blurry pictures of…

Ruins on green fields with skirmishing medieval style figures

Fabled Realms by 4Ground

Board with race track and witches on brooms in front of a castle

Discworld Witch Racing by Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club

Savannah landscape with infantry figures and 1930s race cars

Tribal Primeval and Mad Maxillian by Little Wars Australia

Oil platform with submarine

7TV by Crooked Dice

Inner city buildings with super heroes

X-Men vs Avengers by Chelmsford Bunker

Suburban landscape with zombies

The Walking Dead by Mantic Games

Armed stock cars racing through a desert landscape

Devil’s Run: Route 666 by G3 Gamers

Lair of the Necromancer

I completed the small coven of necromancer and zombies from the Fantasy and History Kickstarter for Frostgrave (or whichever other fantasy skirmish game the future holds for me). Thanks to Bad Squiddo Games for promoting this campaign which otherwise would have passed by me.

Back view of the necromancer and a zombie with sword

The puppet master pulls his strings

My favourite figure of the lot is this half skeletal zombie with a raven on his shoulder. It reminds me of a classic from Citadel that I painted for my Oldhammer Undead. The sculpting quality on this model is very high – I really like the position of the fingers on the left hand and the leaning posture with the large sword dragging behind, as if the wielder still vaguely remembers its use.

Zombie with sword and a raven on his shoulder

A raven’s feast

On the necromancer there were some elements I couldn’t clearly identify, like the top of the staff. Overall he is pleasantly creepy looking though. I believe he is not meant to be a common human, as his hands are three long laws.

Necromancer with clawlike hands holding a staff with a decapitated head

The dark sorcerer in his hideout

With this villain and his henchmen finished I’ll probably look into getting a band of adventurers together next to fight through the ruins of a soon to be expanded town.

A necromancer flanked by three zombies

Bringing death to the streets

The Newly Deceased

I supported a small Kickstarter project by a German rookie sculptor a few months ago and pledged for the Undead faction (surprise!) consisting of three zombies, a necromancer, a vampire and a headless horseman. This was the first release under the Fantasy and History label, which I hope will make it off the ground as a new manufacturer and find some distribution.

Over the weekend I started painting the models and finished the first two zombies, the simplest of the sculpts.

Two zombies in front of a medieval building ruin

The dead stalk their former neighbourhood

The figures are in a non-heroic scale and nicely proportioned. There are some characterful touches like the half exposed skull and the skeletal lower leg and the poses evoke a suitably shambling walk. I intend to use them for Frostgrave, which I am casually gathering bits and pieces for without having played the game so far.

Figure of a zombie in an upright walking pose

In the background my first building from 4Ground’s Mordanburg range, which I am totally sold on and will use to build up a small townscape suitable for Frostgrave, Mordheim or as a backdrop for fantasy battles. For the same purpose I bought the 4×4 Cobblestone Battlefield by UrbanMatZ, an equally good purchase.

Figure of a zombie in a low lurching gait