Imps, Goats & Rocket Cats

The Middle Ages were strange times and I am sure as hell glad not to have lived through them. In fact, I am surprised how anyone could have lived through them.

Alongside their medieval demonic legions, Antediluvian Miniatures also created other obscure entities from the illuminated manuscripts of yesteryear.

A black cat with a fire pot on its back, a black goat walking on its hind legs and a small red devil with wings amongst medieval house ruins
[Benny Hill theme tune playing]
The imp is a miniature devil of sorts, hence I painted him in a diabolical red.

Small satanic creature with red skin, wings and horns
The devil is gonna getcha

The black goat that walks like a man seemed like an even easier colour choice, but I decided to add some white markings for interest, and because they give it a slightly skeletal look. I did do a lot of image research on black goats that day.

Black goat with white markings walking on its hind legs in a medieval building
Satan’s goat

The rocket cat, which really is an incendiary cat that was supposed to light fires in besieged towns, was painted pure black to act as a contrast to the bright tongue of fire and pot on its back. Also, a black cat seemed to fit with the theme, and I was feeling too lazy to paint patterns on such a small figure.

Black cat with an earthen put strapped to its back that spouts flames
Bad luck is sure to follow this black cat

The set also comes with a classic witch on a broom which will make a nice hedge wizard. I am just not happy with sticking her on a plastic flying base, so need to come up with a scenic base solution to keep her in the air first.

15 thoughts on “Imps, Goats & Rocket Cats”

  1. Cool! These look great as potential start points for narrative games. A local sheriff and his men attempt to burn a town having heard tales of a demonic goat…


    1. Yes, they really get me in the mood for some Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Haven’t played it for decades, but recently been browsing through the 2nd Edition rulebook and its cast of playable character classes.


  2. I remember doing the middle ages in history at school, a fascinating period on so many levels. The thought of living through it scares the shit out of me but somewhere along the line our ancestors did! Nice figures and I like the cat too. A thought on your witch base. Obviously I’ve not seen the figure so this may not work but I have seen some models where to create the image of flying or being in the air people have positioned the figure above tree tops or bushes to eliminate just sticking it on a plastic rods/base.


    1. I’ve been thinking of something similar, have her fly over a tree trunk or similar that she can be pinned to. Or maybe keep her without a base and blue tac onto a terrain piece where appropriate as scenery in itself? The figure is here, part of the full set:

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    2. Nice little figure. You could pin at the bottom as shown or even at the side, like brushing the side of a tree perhaps? I guess it depends on the purpose you have for the completed piece – display or moving around.


    3. A ‘fly by’ is a good idea, that would seem most natural. Need to find a plastic bit of masonry to attach her too. Still got plenty of unbuilt terrain sets.

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  3. What fun, especially the rocket cat. Being allergic to felines, it made me smile.

    To any cat lovers, I would not do that to a cat or condone it, but I would smile at the notion…except if that cat was catching and killing rats with bubonic plague infected fleas…


    1. Cats must have been very useful pets at the time for pest control. We have three or four competing for our back garden now, which is a bit much, they are just driving the birds and squirrels away.

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