Keep ‘Em Coming!

I finished painting the remaining Night Goblins from the Knightmare Miniatures range so my warband is expanded and as complete as it currently can be. Thinking ahead for Saga, I can field three units of warriors, three trolls (I assume there will be some monster/monstrous creature slot), a shaman/wizard and the warlord.

While looking for any release info or beta rules that might be floating around (no luck there), I did come across a fan made project called A Fantastic Saga. Haven’t tried it, but clearly a lot of work has gone into the expanded rules and fantasy races that are available, so definitely worth checking out. Using the Kobaloi list, I could field my Night Goblins as a 6 points force.

Four goblins wearing black hoods in front of two looming trolls
Emboldened by their backup, the goblins charge ahead
Two goblins wielding a flail and axe respectively
Whether with flail or axe, goblins just like to bash things
A goblins with a double handed spiked club and another with an axe
If you can’t afford an axe, a wooden stick with nails does the trick

18 thoughts on “Keep ‘Em Coming!”

    1. Thank you! Kev’s facial sculpting is very expressive so it is easy to pick out those highlight points. I’m going for pretty sharp highlights on my green skins to make them look suitably gnarly.

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    1. Thanks! I wanted to make sure to keep at least one of the war bands completed with the new additions – all the other tribes have no paint on them yet…


    1. Nice, did you get everything you hoped for? I didn’t go all in on that Kickstarter (for once) so will have to do some webstore shopping later – as soon as I have worked through the original Kickstarter…

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    2. Yup, it’s all as I hoped it would be (including the Night Goblin boss I was admiring the other day :-) ). Of course this does mean the heap of greenskins I was planning to paint this month has just grown a little taller… Ah well, there should be even more in October! :-D

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  1. Love your work here, and these goblins look distinct enough from his GW ones while still being very much in the same mold – and clearly Kev’s work – a perfect canvas for the great work you’re doing with them!


    1. Glad you are enjoying them. They lend themselves well to a different take on Warhammer (they are too big to match any existing Warhammer goblin range I have) while clearly feeling of that world.


    1. Thank you! Yes, the sculpts really motivated me to keep at it and paint the reinforcements up quickly (at least for this one clan, still got the others to tackle).


    1. Thanks! Most of the techniques don’t require too much precision, a wash of thin paint does wonders and accentuates highlights without having to pick them out individually.

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