Doubling Up

The second mob of 35 Night Goblin spearmen is complete and joining the fray. As before, I have added netters and a Fanatic to the ranks for maximum mayhem.

Large regiment of goblins in black hoods
A thicket of spears greets any attackers

I have more Fanatics to paint up that are not included in my starter army list. In battle, each mob will be lead by a Big Boss, turning it into a respectable fighting formation. A standard, full rank bonus, five extra spear attacks, a 5 in 6 chance of the attackers losing a point of strength – as long as they don’t have to take a leadership test, these guys are doing alright.

Night Goblin wielding a massive iron ball on a chain
You don’t want to play catch with this ball
Night Goblin spearmen arranged in a wide formation
The battle line is drawn

14 thoughts on “Doubling Up”

    1. Thanks, painting goblins is a calling I think. The sculpts have just the right amount of detail and a whole lot of character, so they are fun to paint.

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    1. Thank you! He gets pushed out in front of advancing enemies, but then goes spinning out of control afterwards, as is the way of those crazy goblins.

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  1. Beautiful work on these chaps. I always had a heart for Goblins. Great desaturated skin tones. With the yellow crescent and black gowns the eye has lots to take in, without getting overwhelmed.


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