Dangerous in Numbers

I’m still in an Oldhammer mood and making progress on my Orcs & Goblins. While painting is slow, I’ve been taking stock, putting together regiments and constructing movement trays.

I did also manage to finish the mob of 20 Gobbo Stickas that is one of the core units of the army. About half of these are plastics that I had bought second hand and which were painted so well that I kept them untouched other than a little detailing and new bases. The rest are mostly metals that break up the uniformity of the regiment nicely.

A block of goblins carrying short bows
No greenskin army is complete without a mob of ‘stickas’
Four goblins with bows in loose formation
The champion takes his best shots out skirmishing
Two ranks of goblins with short bows
The mob deploys in line
A line of goblins in front of orc regiments
The goblin archers shield the advance of the elite orcs

8 thoughts on “Dangerous in Numbers”

    1. Thanks, I’m satisfied with the overall look of the mob. I’ve got another unit of 20 I can add to the army as it grows further. One day I’ll unleash the green tide I have always been dreaming of!

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    1. The plastics were the only goblins in my original army for a long while, despite the mono pose and just two heads they felt the most versatile of the box set. Now with some metals in the mix, I really like them as a unit.

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    1. Thank you very much! Orcs & Goblins were my first love, so I am enjoying these sculpts from back in the day at the moment. I am building more regiments than I am going to paint in the foreseeable future, but still having a blast.

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