Warhammer Undead Vampire for Oldhammer

Oldhammer Armies – The Forces of Undeath

Here’s the complete army shot of my Undead for Warhammer 3rd Edition. As usual I went for a solid infantry core that I can now expand with more obscure and expensive choices over time. I do still need to paint up more lead skeletons for summoning – for now I can use the old plastics that are normally part of my Vampire Counts horde.

Warhammer army of the Undead for Oldhammer
Old lead never dies

The Ghosts were painted a long time ago but grouped on a 40x40mm base. That never quite worked for me visually so I was glad about the excuse to re-base them individually.

Warhammer Undead Ghosts for Oldhammer
Apparitions amongst the barrows

I’ve got a good selection of Hosts to summon now, including a Wight, who I see as the original lord of the skeletal warriors while they were still amongst the living.

Warhammer Undead Wight for Oldhammer
The vengeful king

The master of the army is a rather feral Vampire who has been stirred from his slumber by a wandering Necromancer.

Warhammer Undead Vampire for Oldhammer
The hunter

19 thoughts on “Oldhammer Armies – The Forces of Undeath”

    1. Thanks, that’s the best possible compliment! I’m glad I had the bulk of the miniatures already, as the current prices on eBay are pretty high. But Undead make great allies for the other evil races so a small contingent to start with can never hurt…


  1. As I’ve noted before individually, that’s a great looking army! The unified palette works very nicely across the force. Although they’re all Oldhammer Undead, they’re still great inspiration for the mixed-era Undead I’m working on as well.


    1. Cheers, glad to give some inspiration back. I still have a mixed unit of plastic skeletons to work on also for my second undead army. Looking forward to seeing how you are getting on!


  2. I’m very impressed. They look great as a group! I’m very tempted now to sort my undead out and see what sort of army I could field. (I’ve got figures in three places around the house.)


  3. Exceptional work Subedai, it’s great to see a farce so dense with characterful models lined up like that. I don’t tend to collect/paint Fantasy miniatures, but that force is chock a block with figs that I would enjoy painting. That Vampire in particular has it going on :)

    More groovy retro Eldar next perhaps?


    1. Thanks, glad you find them appealing. That vampire sculpt could work in one of your rogue trader settings as well, I’d love to see it done with one of your original paint jobs.

      I’ve added some base colours to a few more Eldar, but I’m not in tune with the wraithbone at the moment, so they’ll take a while to finish I think. Other pending 40k projects are completing a tactical squad of Dark Angels, human bombs, Imperial beastmen and Necromunda zombies.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Glad to hear that! Nothing better than looking at painted miniatures in scratch-built terrain, something I always love doing on your blog.


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