Greenskin Makeover

I brought back some of my earliest miniatures from an excursion into my parents’ basement to build my Oldhammer Orc & Goblin army. Amongst them is a mob of 20 Orc Arrer Boyz consisting of mostly Kev Adams models from the late-80s with some Michael & Alan Perry and Marauder Miniatures figures mixed in.

They are largely undamaged thanks to being painted in Revell enamel paints and covered in varnish. It’s not quite the look I am after these days but I would never be able to repaint them all from scratch.

I’ve tried a solution that I am quite happy with instead – since the models were originally painted nearly without any shades and highlights I am simply adding those onto the existing base colours in the most prominent areas, predominantly the skin. In addition, the model railway grass mat bases get my usual sand and static grass treatment. To demonstrate the result I’ve asked two similar figures to model for the camera side by side.

Oldhammer Orc Arrer Boyz

New old vs. Old old

Oldhammer Orc Arrer Boy original close-up

Original paint job ca. 1990

Oldhammer Orc Arrer Boy re-paint close-up

Updated paint job

3 thoughts on “Greenskin Makeover

  1. Awesome skin tones. When I painted Orcs, I like that glowey-green look too!
    Even the base looks a ton better.

    • Thanks, I think this style works well on Orcs with their cable-like muscle strands and roughly hewn faces. These old models are well suited to it. I’ve done a few more now, will post my progress next week.

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