Welcome to the Jungle

Everyone who’s played Warhammer 40k in the ’90s will remember the green death world cacti with the red spikes made out of styrofoam and toothpicks. I built a few of them myself back then, but unsurprisingly they didn’t survive the dawn of the new millennium. More recently Jonas over at the Oldhammer Forum put together a whole bunch of these which are looking great.

Inspired by Cheetor’s excellent Alien Flora & Fauna series I’ve been meaning to extend my own collection of terrifying terrain for a while now but most things haven’t progressed past initial assembly.

During one of my hunts for source materials I came across an item that immediately jumped out at me as a modern version of the cacti of death though – a rubber massage ball from Tiger, available also in bright green.

Warhammer 40k death world jungle terrain

Dark Angels livery makes for surprisingly effective camouflage on many jungle worlds

A dark green wash and far too many red spiky protrusions later I had a suitably alien looking plant, made for the ages. To complete the death world look, I added jungle foliage (some of which taken from a toothbrush holder also bought at Tiger) and a broken old skeleton to the base. Ironically, painting all those spikes did give me tense shoulders so I guess I’ll have to buy some more of these massage balls…

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Jungle

  1. That looks great! An excellent idea; I’ve even got a couple of those lying around the house already…. And, spiky cacti are definitely on my agenda (it’s not old school 40K without them).

    Also liking your Dark Angels. I am thinking of DA myself for when I paint my space marines – a classic 2nd edition scheme and it will work as camouflage on my jungle table!

    Nice work :)

    • Thank you! I have a few models left in that Dark Angels squad to finish which I am hoping to get to over the next couple of weeks. The challenge will be to get the shades of green right, I have no idea what I used for them.

      Looking forward to your 2nd edition projects!

    • A major reason, almost the main reason in fact, for me starting a blog was actually as a painting diary – so I would write down what paints I used, so I wouldn’t forget if I came back to the project much later!

    • Thanks! I’d probably use it as a Spiker, which has a 6″ range in Rogue Trader, causing S4 hits and gradually transforming its victims into more Spikers. Under current rules it causes D6 S3 hits within 6″.

  2. Thats a fantastic idea, I was hoping when I saw it that the spikes might have been supplied already in a different colour to the rest of the ball, which would have been dreamlike in its serendipity. Its a great idea regardless though.

    Cocktail stick/toothpick related modelling projects inevitably fall apart I find (although I do have a couple of cacti from 93 that still hit the table. They are a bit rough around the edges now). This approach is much better.

    I didnt know that there are modern rules for the Spiker (I havent got a copy of 7th ed yet). Are the in the core rulebook or a supplement of some sort?

    If you plan to use the old RT rules complete with grisly end for some models staggering around screaming while turning into a bush, then check out the Horrorclix Plant Zombie models. They are very cheap (pence). I gave three of them an ink wash and a VERY quick drybrush over the factory paint job and they look the part.


    More sci-fi Im glad to see. The assimilation of this blog continues I am pleased to say :)

    • I remember that post of yours, very entertaining and very effective. I had a quick look on ebay, prices seem to have gone up. In the meantime I am painting some sci-fi mushrooms that I bought at Salute, so I can justify buying more stuff this year.

      In terms of rules I was thinking previous edition actually, I somewhat lost track. The Spiker was an example given with the encouragement to make up whatever you fancy! In the latest edition the section on battlefield terrain has been cut down again. I don’t have any of the current expansions so not sure if more rules have been introduced there.

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