Drums in the Deep

Having the core of my Dwarf army ready to battle it out for the Lost Age in Oathmark, it’s time to meet their challengers. I got in for the Nickstarter by North Star Figures again with their Goblins, giving me a plastic regiment box of 30 plus a bunch of metal command models.

Making a start with those and adding a plastic banner bearer carrying a standard by Little Big Men Studios, I decided on a colour scheme for this new army. Sticking with browns and greys and the odd blood red spot colour (in line with the banners and shield transfers I bought), they’ll have their own and unique style contrasting with the Dwarfs. Also, I am using Army Painter Quickshade Dark Tone rather than Soft Tone for them.

Group of five goblins including a standard bearer with red banner and a musician with drums

Leading the way

Two goblins, one armed with the sword, the second with heavy whip

Leadership goblin style

I might hold back more of the plastics as I’d like to see some army lists coming out first. Rather than building spear armed troops I’d fancy having a unit with javelins which should be easy to convert, so that the army composition for the Goblins does not just mirror the Dwarfs at this stage.

Loose line of goblins with pointing leader at the front facing regiment of dwarfs

I’m comin’ for ya

13 thoughts on “Drums in the Deep

    • Thanks, they are nice figures indeed. I feel a bit guilty for rushing through them, but at tabletop distance the method works well on them I think. Also, better to be painted to a basic level than never to be painted at all!

    • The standard is a transfer from Little Big Men Studios, it works in the same way as the shields and needs to be applied to paper or similar. Other than painting the back red, I did nothing to it!

    • Thanks! I am brushing it on. Dipping must be a sticky mess, I want none of that. Also seems to me that it would be quite difficult to get the varnish equally saturated with pigment in the entire tin to just dip.

    • I brush on as well, but I find it challenging to get enough quickshade on the models without pooling. Right now I use old brushes to sop up, and that seems to work.

    • I am not using it very heavily. I always scoop up some from the bottom of the tin and then mix in the thinner layer from the top in the tin lid until I am happy with the consistency. Then I apply it quite evenly over the model, usually starting at the bottom.

    • Cheers, I think they will make a nice looking army. Once I know what the army composition is going to look like in Oathmark!

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