Bones Brigade

I have a 1,000 points army list for a Necromancer themed Warhammer force using the 8th Edition Vampire Counts book that I am aiming to complete. Rather than painting the Master Necromancer to lead it, I decided to paint up a third regiment of 30 skeletons however that isn’t actually part of the list. Because one can never have enough skeletons. Having just finished the first base of 15, I wanted to record my progress.

I built these some years ago out of a mixture of parts from all three generations of Citadel plastic kits. The majority of parts are from the first set, but I needed to stretch them a bit as I was running out. It does give the unit some nice variety, although in terms of sculpts the originals are my favourites. The second incarnation was too chunky and the weapons too oversized. The newest models are nicely proportioned, but all have a strongly forward leaning combat crouch which is fine to mix things up, but looks strange in a whole regiment of reanimated bone warriors.

Rank and file skeletal warriors marching under a black banner

All shall join the black banner

The plastic banner is very nicely modelled in my opinion, and I stuck with the plain black, no nonsense scheme for it and the shields. The unit champion got the obligatory decapitated head that every leader in the army carries (I believe it is part of the summoning and binding ritual). I did add some blood effect to his sword this time, in a first trial of Army Painter’s Glistening Blood paint. Quite satisfied with the result, which takes one application where previously I would have used two colours and a wash. The musician is a metal sculpt I had left from the previous reorganisation of my undead forces into Oldhammer and Not-so-Oldhammer armies. It was already finished and I just gave the bones a repaint.

Skeletons with swords and shields emerging from a walled graveyard

More undead warriors spill out of the graveyard




13 thoughts on “Bones Brigade

    • Thank you. From the second edition I only used some heads and a few weapons for variety, they are noticeably bigger. I don’t think combining their bodies with the others would work well.

    • Cheers, I like their classic look, doing away with unnecessary equipment. The newest GW skeletons should yield some useful bits to mix with WGF – do you know if those are still available somewhere?

    • Thank you. It was technically just kit bashing, don’t think I needed to do any cutting even, apart from on the hair of the decapitated head. Easy!

  1. Very nice mate – I prefer lead for my skellies, but do love the plastics (all generations) for conversions & scatter. It’s amazing how much better old lead figures looks with a new plastic head!

    • Cheers, I fancy the old metals as well, but I find they don’t mix well with the plastics in style within a unit. Don’t think I have ever seen a head swap with old lead, sounds like sacrilege. Any photographic evidence of your blasphemy?

    • Yeah, I tend not to mix. There is some evidence of heresy – my Arkhan conversion in January was a modern placky head on a lead body ;-)

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