Seasoned Soldiers

It’s been a good few years since I made the last push to complete a 1,000 points army for the Praetorian Imperial Guard. Since then all troops are assembled and base coloured, so in theory it shouldn’t take that long again.

To get back into the drill I completed a half finished veteran squad equipped with a missile launcher, two grenade launchers and a plasma pistol.

Soldiers with pith helmets and red uniform jackets aiming their weapons
The veterans lead the Praetorians into battle

Now I have three regular infantry squads and a Leman Russ left. I’ll tackle the infantry in groups of five – let’s see how far I get over the month. The battle tank will most likely be last to trundle onto the field.

Several units of soldiers amongst sandbag barriers
Fire at will!

22 thoughts on “Seasoned Soldiers”

    1. They look great on the table as an infantry army. Have them lined up against my Necrons at the moment as motivation to finish another 30.


    1. All the Perry regiments are great, I probably won’t rest until I have a platoon (well, maybe a squad) of all of them. The Praetorians have been a favourite since the Massacre at Big Toof River.


  1. I’ve always liked seeing these too. I remember one of the first games of 40K I ever played was against a huge army of these guys against my orks. I remember wondering how on earth I was going to deal with all of those guys!

    So turn one I seized and moved my deffkopta up and managed to get it into CC after killing one of the 200 or so guys on the table with a rokkit. My opponent said, “I didn’t know they moved that fast,” and promptly conceded.

    So that game and Roark’s Drift (of course) are the two things that always come to mind whenever I see these delightful fellows. Would have been a quicker movie perhaps if the British had access to some of the over-sized armaments your guys do!

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    1. Putting 200 troops on the table and then conceding after one turn is odd behaviour to say the least. Not Guard material.

      Against Space Orks some big guns are indeed going to be needed or otherwise every encounter will turn out like the Battle of Isandlwana.

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    1. The mix of historical and sci-fi tropes in the Perry regiments made them so easily relatable and instantly conjures up a wealth of background. I hope some of them make a return in 40k but without the over engineered detailing that is lately the bane of every new release.


  2. Love these, I remember picking up the Limited Edition £50 starter army box of these on one of my birthdays. Always regret trading them off for other fancy new toys.


    1. It’s strange they never re-issued them alongside the other metal ranges whenever a new Codex was released, seeing how popular they always were.


    1. Cheers, they are still coming along, so I’ll hopefully have another squad to share next week along with some already completed elements like the heavy weapons teams.

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    1. And reenact the battle! My favourite Praetorian battle was the Last Stand at Glazer’s Creek from White Dwarf 222 which is probably also my favourite battle report full stop!


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