Mordian Calling

My Mordian Iron Guard army for Warhammer 40k is built around an infantry platoon, with heavy weapon support and a few tanks. I want to complete a second platoon eventually, but until then there are a few smaller additions and conversions to bring in more variety.

Since the Perry sculpts for the Mordians are from the days before vox-casters, I used those from the plastic Cadian kit and strapped them onto the backs of two soldiers. As there aren’t any suitable figures to hold a receiver, I added a headset, cut from a Rhino door handle.

Soldiers in grey uniforms with laser rifles including a radio operator

The order to advance has been received

Back view of operator with large black radio equipment and antennas

The vox-caster allows for orbital communications

I don’t know whether I’ll use them in the rules, as for now I only have two radio operators so that the Command and Platoon HQs can both get one, to communicate with the higher echelons of their regiment.

Soldiers in a trench with radio operator

Calling in reinforcements

Radio operator emerging from a trench bunker

Relaying latest orders from central command

I don’t have any Special Weapons Squads in the army yet, but this soldier in running stance gave me the idea to equip him with a demolition charge. Converting two more from different figures will be a bit trickier.

Soldier running through crater with laser rifle in right and bomb with handle in left hand

Delivering the payload










14 thoughts on “Mordian Calling

    • Cheers, I actually held back taking photos of these until I had the time to dig out the terrain as I thought they’d look nice together.

    • Thanks, I’m still very happy with the colour scheme, it’s quite easy to do and keep consistent while working on the army sporadically.

    • Cheers, I think the sculpts are based on uniforms from that era, as they would be with the Perrys. With the utilitarian grey they best fit into a trench setting, or amongst a shattered city scape – which I have plenty of building sets for but a lot of glueing and painting still to do.

  1. Very nice indeed – I know from my Praetorians how tricky these guys can be to convert… I can fully recommend Victoria Miniatures to you for useful multipart Mordian proxies (including special weapons) ;-)

    • Thank you! Victoria Miniatures have tempted me many times, but then I look at the boxes of metal I still have and decide to put them to best use first. I have my Praetorians out again at the moment and will continue on the three remaining infantry squads that have base colours on already. After that, they’ll be a Leman Russ short of the 1k target for all my current WIP 40k armies.

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