Praetorian Guard Advance

I’m progressing with my Praetorian Guard for Warhammer 40k and finished the first of three infantry squads in the platoon. There are only so many different sculpts, so this is going to be a bit repetitive. There actually is a conversion amongst these ten though, where I used a head from the Empire Flagellants, turning a Mordian into a Praetorian sans pith helmet.

Squad of soldiers in tropical helmets with red jackets and laser rifles

The infantry advances with fire support from a Sentinel

As I mentioned, I have a little battle scene set up, with the Necrons advancing on the Praetorian line. Here’s a shot from behind the gun line, showing the latest reinforcements throwing themselves against their pitiless enemy.

Squad of soldiers from behind in the distance with two laser cannons in the foreground

Lascannons are moved into position behind hastily assembled barricades






12 thoughts on “Praetorian Guard Advance

    • Good idea, they are nice. I still have some reinforcements once the core army is completed, and then I should probably expand the vehicle pool from an army composition point of view. Those lasguns will only get you so far.

    • I hope that with the new release of Necromunda that GW don’t stop there and do plastic kits of praetorian, iron guard, tallarn raiders, steel legion, Valhallan trooos AND plastic Mordheim haha. One can hope

    • I’m sure there will be new plastics and add-ons to turn them into various regiments, but I doubt we’ll see many of the classics again. With GW’s drive to make everything copyrightable, historical tie-ins aren’t a good fit. Also don’t know what happened to all the homeworlds in the new timeline, but at least Mordian has been destroyed as I recently read.

    • Thank you! Now I really feel I need an Ork horde of the period to go up against them – but that would be a whole other project for the next 20 years. Terrain wise I am cheating by getting some adobe buildings from 4Ground.

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