Monster Hunters

When it comes to defending their settlements from the rampaging beasts that haunt the wild places of the Old World, the trusty bolt thrower is the weapon of choice for most Dwarf households. Easy to manufacture and maintain, these constructs of hard wood and steel have stopped countless monsters in their tracks before they could ever get their claws onto the inhabitants.

I picked this early Citadel set up when planning my army of Dwarfs for Oldhammer a few years ago. I like its construction which shows the Dwarfs’ mechanical engineering skill.

Dwarf bolt thrower with three crew

The bolt thrower is lined up and ready to fire

Dwarf spotter with telescope giving a thumbs up

The spotter signals to take the shot

Dwarf loader standing by with spear projectile

The loader is ready with the next projectile

Dwarf operating a bolt thrower

A set of gears allows the bolt thrower to be aligned with great precision

If a spear isn’t enough to penetrate the hide of an attacking monstrosity, then the double handed swing of a Slayer’s axe has to finish the job.

This is the first of five Giant Slayers I’m adding to the army. A small unit that will lend a lot of colour and character to the force.

Orange haired Dwarf swinging an axe with both hands

A wild eyed Slayer charges forward

Back view of Dwarf Slayer with bare torso

A Slayer’s ferocious appearance is matched by his actions

14 thoughts on “Monster Hunters

  1. These are truly splendid, I love the paint jobs. I’ve always admired the Abe Lincoln beard and impressive schnoz on the loader miniature, he always looked a little unusual compared to the other Citadel Dwarfs.

    If I’m not mistaken the Slayer miniature is one of the earlier ‘Dwarf Berserkers’ from before the Troll/Giant/Dragon/etc Slayer became a thing in Warhammer.

    Although they’re smaller and slight in comparison to the later Troll Slayer figures I actually prefer a lot of those earlier miniatures. The later ones with massive high top fade hairstyles, beards to the floor and overly enormous axes always seemed a bit silly to me.

    Great work!

    • Thank you! The loader is a fun sculpt, I like his massive smirk. I hope to pick up a second one sometime and convert the bolt to a halberd, turning him into a city guard.

      The berserker is one of the earlier figures and I contemplated keeping away from the fiery hair for the unit. With 3rd edition, the spiky, orange hair was already established in all descriptions and drawings though. As you say, the first berserkers are quite small, so the bright colour gives them some extra weight on the battlefield. Only one of those I am using has a mohawk, the rest have shaggy manes.

      As much as I love Slayers, I agree that later versions are too well groomed to fit with their background. A bit more of that old berserker blood wouldn’t have gone amiss.

  2. The laoder is my favorutie, too. The smirk combined with the large nose is a classic. Just want to hug him ;P. Excellent paintjob on the other guys as well. The metal came out especially well.

    • Cheers, I’m going with a lot more browns and greys for the clan warrior contingent of the army. Obviously steel and bronze are going to be a major theme too.

  3. These guys are great. I played against the bolt throwers a few times many, many moons ago but never got to paint them. Yours have really come up a treat. I also really like the berserker/pre-slayer. Jealous!

    • Thank you! Back in 3rd Edition days I had a scratch-built bolt thrower made out of balsa wood and a big nail that saw service in various forces. Feels like a luxury to have the real thing in my army now.

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