Giant Slaying Berserkers

A small group of Giant Slayers has joined my Imperial Dwarfs for Oldhammer. They have a very distinct look from anything else in the army, but are instantly recognisable as Dwarfs.

Unit of five orange haired, bare chested Dwarfs

Fiery haired and eyed Slayers seeking their doom in battle

Based on the same basic sculpt with identical legs, torso and axe, these early Slayers were created by the Perry brothers, along with all the other figures in my Dwarf army so far.

Two Slayers with axes

Their hefty double headed axes can fell the largest monsters

The “very upset berserker” from 1985 and his two mates were incorporated into the Norse Dwarf range and could be fielded as a unique troop type. For my purposes, they are Slayers and got the orange hair treatment to tie them all together while adding variety in styles.

Three Dwarf berserkers with shaggy beards

With berserk fury these Dwarfs throw themselves at the enemy

10 thoughts on “Giant Slaying Berserkers

  1. Nice paint job, as always! Also like the variety of poses, overall very dramatic despite the difficulty having dwarves in dynamic poses, unlike, say, Wood Elves War Dancers or Space Marines with Jump Packs. Truly timeless models.

    • Cheers, they were fun to paint. Good point about the dynamic poses, Dwarfs tend to look rather blocky usually with all their bulky armour. Speaking of Wood Elves, I’m painting archers at the moment and might do War Dancers next.

    • Thanks! 2015 was the year of collecting for me, 2016 needs to be the year of painting. Your prolific output is always a major inspiration in that respect (but unlikely to ever be equalled).

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