A Barrel of Dragon’s Breath

Having just finished Prince Ulther’s Dragon Company, I felt like painting some more Imperial Dwarfs for Oldhammer. Staying with the theme of dragons, I thought the flame cannon would make a great addition to the contingent. They might not have a dragon to call upon, but with typical ingenuity devised a contraption to bring the power of its fiery breath onto the battlefield.

Wooden flame cannon with metal barrel operated by three Dwarfs

Fire in the hole!

This set has always been a favourite of mine, though I never owned it until a few years ago. The 80s Citadel Dwarf range for Warhammer contained some very quirky sculpts full of character that didn’t take themselves too seriously.

Dwarf gunner trying to light the flame cannon with a burning fuse

Risk of a singed beard is an occupational hazard

Two Dwarf crew ducking and shielding their ears with both hands

The roar of the flame cannon rivals that of a real dragon

6 thoughts on “A Barrel of Dragon’s Breath

    • Thank you! At the moment I am moving on to the more rustic elements of the army, but there is some scope to expand on the Dragon Company theme in future.

  1. Oh how I do wish I hadn’t given up my flame cannon. I’m quite a fan of the older dwarves myself! I’ve always wanted to do a dwarf warriors unit made up of nothing but a mixture of drunken dwarves sculpts. I’ve found quite a few out there that just ooze character.

    • There are great characters in that range which can give the Orcs & Goblins a run for their money. I was tempted to paint up the cook from the Goblobber set next, but then I decided I first of all need to bring more artillery onto the field!

  2. Lovely work there! I’ve not had any experience at all with that model (aside from seeing it in WD in times bygone) but seeing yours come up so well I’m tempted to trawl eBay to see what’s out there…

    • Thank you! I’d definitely recommend this as an addition to anyone’s collection with even a remote interest in all things stunty.

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