Warhammer Undead Plague Cart for Oldhammer

Bring Out Your Dead

The war machines of the Undead were some of my favourite models in Warhammer 3rd Edition, and while I owned the Skull Chucker, I never had a Plague Cart to my chagrin. That was finally put to right a year or two ago, and now that the main body of my Undead army for Oldhammer is finished, it was time to complete this baleful contraption.

Warhammer Undead Plague Cart for Oldhammer
The creaking cart brings naught but doom and despair
Warhammer Undead Plague Cart for Oldhammer
A faceless grim reaper sits at the reins
Warhammer Undead Plague Cart for Oldhammer
The undead oxen still carries its yoke
Warhammer Undead Plague Cart for Oldhammer
Where the cart rolls, death is sure to follow

11 thoughts on “Bring Out Your Dead”

  1. Just awesome! I to always wanted but never had one of those. Yours looks really great here. Modern paint like yours on those old models really brings them to life.


    1. Thank you. It’s a great fit with the overall look of the army, glad I finally got it done. I have the chariot too, as a future project. I might need some cavalry to go with it.


  2. Thats a nice paint job, smooth and atmospheric. The model is quite quaint in its own way, almost cute by todays standards, like what I imagine a plushie Corpse Cart backpack worn by a young goth girl who “hates” her parents might wear ;) I dont mean that in a negative way, its just a tiny bit more Disney or something that I remember it.

    Its a great feeling getting one of those old models long desired but never owned finally painted and ready to game with. This one is a proper classic :)


    1. Thanks! This model is Gothic horror versus the Dawn of the Dead horror of the updated version, which I also like a lot (and will eventually buy and paint for my 8th Edition Vampire Counts). They both have their style, and they are both great at what they do.

      This Plague Cart always made me think of the grim reaper in Monty Python’s Meaning of Life – my favourite version of death. The spectre of death really shouldn’t need any more than a black hooded cloak, a bony hand and a scythe.

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    1. Thank you! I like to keep black fabrics as dark as possible with highlights in blue and shadowy grey, followed by black wash. Especially in contrast against all the bone colour on this model I think it turned out well.


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