Warhammer Undead Zombies for Oldhammer


I’ve expanded my collection of early Citadel Zombies to make up a reasonably sized unit of twenty for my Oldhammer Undead army.

Since it was mostly a case of washing and drybrushing over a base colour of Citadel’s old Rotting Flesh, these were finished reasonably quickly. For the ragged clothing I stuck to earthy tones and the exposed tissue and organs are ranging from gory red to putrefying pink and bloated blue-greys.

Warhammer Undead Zombie Regiment for Oldhammer
Adding a splash of rotting flesh colour to the army
Warhammer Undead HeroQuest Zombie for Oldhammer
The HeroQuest Zombie has left his dungeon to join the horde
Warhammer Undead Zombies for Oldhammer
Soulless puppets of rotten flesh and guts
Warhammer Undead Zombies for Oldhammer
Their farming tools now only serve to harvest lives
Warhammer Undead Zombies for Oldhammer
These cadavers are animated by hate filled jealousy the living

11 thoughts on “Zombies!”

  1. That’s a cool unit of the older figures! I was looking into some old classic metal Zombies and Skeletons recently and after looking over your painted Skeleton models, but the prices scared me off. Entirely aside from your great work on their paint, I admire your dedication in collecting these guys!


    1. By point value, classic zombies must be the most expensive miniatures at the moment, so I stopped at 20, which I’ve been gathering for a while now. Skeletons I luckily bought more of before they were discontinued. I guess both ranges didn’t sell that much as there were the plastic skeletons around that everyone had.

      It’ll probably be a while before I’m thinking about expanding the rank and file for this army, as the Dark Elves and Orcs are waiting for their turn.


  2. I clipped the weapons off a lot of those models and quickly painted them for use in Necromunda back in the late 90s. I have quite a soft spot for the range, it’s a lot of fun. That unit looks exactly how I feel it should look.


    1. I remember some zombie encounters in Necromunda’s underhive, using my ’90s WFB zombies at the time. I do have a few of the actual Necromunda zombies and the necromancer/vampire guy that would make for a nice little side project.

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    1. I’ve really enjoyed that range since I rediscovered it. The sculpting is so crisp that they are easy to paint with basic techniques. Wins all around.


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