Dwellers in the Dark

I finished the second Cave Troll from the Knightmare Miniatures Green Skin Wars range to bolster my Night Goblin raiding party for Dragon Rampant. Once the third troll is finished, I’ll probably field them as a reduced model count unit of Bellicose Foot with Mystical Armour, to represent their regenerative abilities.

Pale skinned troll leaning on big club with two skulls in hand
The troll doesn’t tolerate intruders in its cave

The Kickstarter campaign also included a bunch of… sentient mushrooms I guess? As anyone knows, Night Goblins and mushrooms go together perfectly, so I am painting them up as themed terrain, or maybe even a playable unit in their own right.

Long stalked mushrooms of various colours with grinning faces
Strange magical energies have brought the cave fungus to life

The sculpting on the troll is once again excellent, and its facial expression one of the most characterful I have ever seen on a miniature.

Side view of the growling troll with purple mushroom in background
Living in a dark, dank cave doesn’t encourage a sunny disposition
View of the troll's gnarly back
Better sneak out while he’s not looking

15 thoughts on “Dwellers in the Dark”

    1. So many talented sculptors out there, it’s great to see ranges like this being brought back to life and expanded upon. I’ll need to start planning for early retirement though if I want to have a chance of painting it all.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! It’s more of a pamphlet than what I’d call a rulebook so I can see how it could get swallowed up in between all the other tomes. Makes it much easier to collect rulesets for alternative play styles and settings though, I’ve got plenty of options now to use my miniature collections in different constellations.


  1. That’s a great looking troll. Nicely done. The mushrooms are very reminiscent of the 4th edition rulebook art and have some great Kev Adams faces on them – you’ve really brought those to life here!


    1. Thanks, it’s my favourite troll right now. There are two more larger mushrooms I am working on, that I have a nice little patch to theme terrain with. Some more oddities like this are good to bring the Old World to life.


  2. Hey , just found this last entries now! Thanks a lot for tagging Knightmare Games and the kind words from all of you too guys :)

    Great job on those trolls and giant mushrooms mate! ;)


    1. Thanks for the comment, Diego. Happy to help spreading the work about the sterling work you and Kev are doing on this range!


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