Guardian of the Fungi Forest

I completed the final troll and fungi for my Doom Goblins with these impressive specimen from Knightmare Miniatures.

Two giant red capped mushrooms with faces flanking a troll with a helmet and large sword

A troll champion guards the sacred mushroom grove

The mushrooms have grown to truly giant proportions and are probably worshipped by the Doom Goblins or consulted as deranged oracles. The cave troll must be a champion of its kind, gifted with an unusual intelligence and cunning that let’s him appreciate the benefits of metal armour and bladed weapons.

Stunted broad stemmed mushroom with bulging eyes and crooked teeth

This sentient mushroom is infused with chaotic energy

Tall and slender mushroom with a snarling grin and large red cap

The giant fungus sways in the currents of raw magic

Side view of grey skinned troll with helmet and shoulder guard, gripping a double handed curved sword

A determined troll with a sense of purpose is a frightening opponent

My plan was to complete 18 point forces for Dragon Rampant, but since I have enough miniatures already to muster 24 points for Hill Goblins and Steppe Goblins, I might extend the Doom Goblins as well. Also, I have a few spare guys with spears now since I placed another order from Knightmare Miniatures for a set that wasn’t included in the Kickstarter. So I am thinking, maybe add some squig herders?











4 thoughts on “Guardian of the Fungi Forest

    • Thank you! That’s a good characterisation of him. I’m looking forward to getting some games in to see his story develop.

    • Cheers, I am keeping it simple with my tried and tested techniques, which thanks to the strength of the sculpts are enough to bring them to life.

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