Imperial Guard Infantry Support

The Imperial Guard Tactical Company has received some support detachments in the shape of heavy weapon teams, Ogryns, Ratling snipers and Griffon mortar carriers (using Thudd Gun rules for them as there are no Griffons in 2nd Edition).

Squads of soldiers with field guns amongst city blocks
The approaches to the city are defended by heavy guns
Units of Ogryns advancing through city streets
Ogryns are perfectly suited for street fighting
Group of Ratlings with sniper rifles in rocky terrain
Ratlings are scouting ahead of the army
Three armoured vehicles with mounted mortars
Heavy mortars are set to disrupt the enemy advance

Other than the Capitol Imperialis which still needs painting (and new tracks), this is the first company for my Imperial Guard in Epic 40k done. Now I am painting a Goff Klan to face them, and will be switching back and forth between the 6 or so formations I plan for each. With some Space Marines thrown in here and there.

10 thoughts on “Imperial Guard Infantry Support”

  1. They look really good, I know how fiddly it is to paint these. I used to love the game but sadly someone walked off with the majority of my bits when I was at Uni. It’s the only time I’ve ever ‘lost’ any of my figures.


    1. Thanks, after getting used to the very different style of painting (and managing expectations), they are actually quite simple to paint. I don’t know what happened to my original Space Orks either for the most part, I am largely starting again from scratch.


    1. True, it is a very satisfying experience being able to field entire platoons of troops and squadrons of vehicles in the time it takes to paint one infantryman in 28mm. They wargaming mind is so easily tricked – and distracted. Still, I hope to keep working away at some Epic forces amongst whatever else takes my fancy any given week.


  2. They look great, especially considering the size of the miniatures. Some of the Ogryns look a bit like Hulk Hogan with blond hair, mustache and beard (I assume that the hair at least is intended to be a hat)!


    1. Thanks! I thought the same, definitely some Hulk Hogan vibes. They do have haircuts, not hats – at first I was annoyed that they didn’t come bald, as it meant one more painting step, but now I think it is good as it gives them some variety in hair colour. The white whiskers are actually canine teeth!


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