Goff Clan

First into the fray for my Epic 40k Space Ork Waaagh! are the Goff Clan. The company consists of 8 stands of Nobz and 15 stands of Boyz. I think I have enough of 6mm infantry for a while now. I mixed a few Oddboyz, warlords and standard bearers with the standard Nobz figures, while for the Boyz I threw in the older plasma cannons and big shootas for variety.

Several bases of 6mm scale Space Orks in power armour

The Nobz of the Goff Clan are always first to war

Bases with Space Ork infantry figures

Goff Boyz like to fight up close and personal

6mm scale Nobz, banner bearers, Runtherdz, Mekboyz, Painboyz and infantry

Goffs marching under the banner of the horned bull

For decoration, I used the standard black and white Goff chequers, teeth/flames and a few other geometric patterns while for backplates I went with a simple black dot on white background. I didn’t want too much red as that will be the main colour of the Evil Sunz of course. All the weapons are plain Leadbelcher with a Nuln Oil wash.

A mixed formation of Goff Nobz and Boyz

The Goffs have taken an Imperial city

Side and back view of Goff Nobz advancing into an Imperial city

The Nobz proudly display their personal banners

Back view of Goff Boyz amongst Imperial high rise buildings

The Boyz wear the symbol of their household

For support I will be adding tanks and walkers, making the Goff Clan a tough and flexible formation.













15 thoughts on “Goff Clan

    • Thank you! Painting them really brought back why I like Epic 40k 2nd Edition – the visual spectacle of having these large companies move across the battlefield is a joy to behold.

    • Thanks! I increased the size of the chequers on the back banners and shoulder pads after the first few stands, but then it was quite straight forward.

    • Cheers, it was beginning to feel like a drag but I really want to get two opposing full companies done before going up a scale again for a while.

  1. Although I’ve never gamed with GW minis, I was always impressed with Epic armies, and I think you’ve done a brilliant job with these! Really does take me back years seeing them! Love ’em!

    • Thank you! It’s a great scale, allowing for anything from hordes of infantry to mighty titans. The game was very well supported at the time with new units and rules regularly published in White Dwarf, so I have a lot to draw on now to bring my armies back.

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