Dark Angels Tactical Squad Sariel

I started work on this Dark Angels Tactical Squad with the release of Angels of Death in 1996 and finished it today. I think that’s my personal procrastination record.

Dark Angels Sergeant leading a Tactical Squad
Sergeant Sariel commands his Dark Angels in the field

The last model to finish was Sergeant Sariel who had been 3/4 painted but received a new backpack (and chopped off cultist head) from Dark Vengeance. This guy is one of my favourite Space Marine sculpts to this day. I especially like the grim, scarred face and the accessories, which clearly identify him as a Dark Angel without going over the top.

Dark Angels Space Marine with plasma gun
Dark Angel with “Space Crusade” pattern plasma gun

The other late addition to the squad is this Tactical Space Marine with plasma gun, which I’d taken from the Space Crusade board game. I tried to create a glowing barrel effect but it didn’t really work out. I’ll eventually repaint it in metal, unless it starts growing on me.

Close up of Dark Angels Space Marines
The squad is equipped with a range of wargear patterns

I used long lost art supply paints originally on the models so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to match the colours using my current Citadel paints, but they all blend together well enough.

Dark Angels Space Marine with missile launcher
A missile launcher provides heavy support

14 thoughts on “Dark Angels Tactical Squad Sariel”

    1. Cheers, definitely a proud achievement. I’m very happy with their style, which I’ll try and bring to some newer models now.


  1. Looking good! I’m also a big fan of that Sergeant and you’ve done a great job on him. Following on from your guys I should pull my finger out and finish my own DA Tactical Squad to modern standards. (You could have 7-man squads at one point in 3rd+ and I never did anything more).


    1. Cheers! With your record of finishing things they’ll be ready in no time I bet. I’m starting on another sergeant, for my Devastator squad consisting of Space Crusade figures.


    2. Indeed, I just looked at one of my other replies here about painting some metal Mk6 Crimsons Fists, which I only recently started.


    1. Thank you! I’m sure to paint up more for some other projects, I have a few metal ones. I think I need a squad of Crimson Fists for old times sake.


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