Dark Angels Devastator Squad Camniel

Sergeant Camniel has taken command of 9th Devastator Squad, 5th Battle Company in my Dark Angels strike force for Warhammer 40k that is getting reinforced at the moment.

Dark Angels Space Marines Devastator Squad
The heavy weapons of a Devastator Squad are deployed into the field

The Sergeant has been painted from scratch over the last couple of days to replace a different model that will instead lead a second Tactical Squad. With his bolter, auspex/signum and target acquisition index finger, he was making the ideal candidate for the newly vacant position.

Dark Angels Space Marines Devastator Sergeant
Sergeant Camniel designates a priority target to take out

The Marines under his command are Space Crusade figures that have been painted back in the mid-90s. Some of them were converted to shoulder mount their weapons, as was doctrine back then. As a little upgrade I swapped their left hands out against standard issue Space Marine gloves where before they were using filed down plastic Space Ork hands.

Dark Angels Space Marines Devastator with heavy bolter
The Advanced Space Crusade pattern heavy bolter is also used in the Scout Company
Dark Angels Space Marines Devastator with lascannon
A shoulder mounted lascannon with optical targeting visor
Dark Angels Space Marines Devastators with missile launcher and bolter
A magazine loading missile launcher and bolter with bayonet round off the tactical flexibility of the squad

8 thoughts on “Dark Angels Devastator Squad Camniel”

    1. Thank you! These guys are part of my gaming history, so there was no way they were going to get replaced. The second half of the army will mostly be made up of the figures from Dark Vengeance.


  1. Ahhhh… Space Crusade. Nice work on these guys and on their mods. I remember stealing the SC heavy weapons from those figures and mounting them on the 40k 2nd Ed push-fit Marines. Some of them might even survive to this day. Your work here certainly beats out anything I did with either back in the day!


    1. I did a lot more converting and scratch-building in those days, due to a lack of funds and access to models. These are some of the more successful results.


  2. Great work, love the Sarge, (good to see pointyfingeritis affects Marines as well), and that missile launcher makes me feel all warm inside 👍🏻


    1. I’m very happy I finally painted that Sergeant, it is a fantastic sculpt. My remaining Space Crusade models will be painted/re-painted with their original weapons for eventual use in the boardgame.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Space Crusade (named Star Quest in Italy). All the time I see some well painted miniatures I feel nostalgic ;) Well done :D


    1. Thanks! I’m still very fond of these guys, I should really field them in a classic game of Space Crusade again sometime.


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